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EWR queue 1 ride not accepted and I'm back at the end of the Q


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So I'm sitting in the EWR q and I've got both apps running. I've still got 30 cars ahead of me and left and I get a ride request for a pool ride that's probably going to Newark. I guess nobody wanted the pool ride and that's why it came all the way back to me. I decide not to take it and when I look again I've got 70 cars ahead of me.

The worst thing about doing Rideshare full-time and trying to count on it like a job is that the rules can change it anytime often with little or no warning.

I know what it is and I don't need people to scold me. Every job sucks. But the Rideshare companies do tell us stories about young and successful people who quit their corporate jobs to be Rideshare drivers. They want us to entertain the thought of doing this full-time and not just thinking of it as some fluky part time gig.

Arthur Dent

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The dream of most employee's is to "Be your own boss" It has quite the appeal , until you do it and find out that it's not all a bed of roses.....
And your boss is an idiot !