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Ever picked up someone you know randomly?


Picked up this girl that was in a class with me my Freshman year of High School. She had recently gotten married and was with her new husband. We actually didn't recognize each other, but somehow the subject of school came up and then she recognized my full name even though we hadn't really been all that friendly back then. She ended up tipping me $20 on a 3x surge, pretty sweet!


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Former broncos player and Superbowl winner that I'm buddies with I have picked up a few times, he lives in my neighborhood.


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I think I almost did. I cancelled because I am so mortified that I spend some part time hours doing this. Uber driving is not something I'm proud of. It was cool a couple years ago, the per mile rate made sense and it was easy money. Now I seldom drive unless I'm pretty sure of long fares and high surges.


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Twice and first recognized me before I did him. It was minimum fare and he didn't tip but I broke my rule and gave him 5 stars (should have been 4 stars). Another time I knew the man from soccer but didn't say anything as I am too embarrassed to say I drive for Uber. That guy did tip me $8 on a surge $17 trip.
I once recognized a guy's name as he his name spelled is abnormal and he was in my home town so I accepted, saw the name and cancelled.


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Picked up an old high school friend, ending up joining the group at a taqueria where they bought me food. I had ended the trip when we got there and they just paid me a big tip for bringing them home nearby.

I grew up in the area I usually work, so I know it was bound to happen.

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