Escher's World: I'm striking, and WHO is not?


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Some of my best friends are liberal hypocrites. Well, maybe not best friends but most reliable to yap about The Evil Corporation. They talk about (what used to be called) speaking truth to power.
Yet there they are, behind the wheels of Lyft, Uber today, when I shut my apps off at midnight.

I support (turning off the app) the strike because there are few other non disruptive ways to communicate to Uber and Lyft.

Anyone ever put this on the list of ways to help drivers? AMERICAN SUPPORT PERSONNEL. As much as they tell me "Not to worry," I don't trust the foreigners on the support phones (maybe this is an after hours thing) to "forward (my) concerns to the relevant department." Am I the only one who would appreciate 1. Talking with someone with English as a primary language, 2. Talking with someone who is not so script-dependent that I could parrot the phrases, 3. Speaking with folks who knew something about, say, Wacker Drive or Lollapalooza.
The script-dependent responses burn me to no end. Not every situation can be pigeon-holed into one of their scripts. It would be nice to talk to someone who can think/resolve an issue outside the scripts.