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2.6x bar close ping in Alhambra. go to pick up pax at diner. I drive by, see my two pax (60 something baby boomers) in the front. I point to the adjacent parking lot for pick up, vs the street, b/c two cops were hanging out across from the diner. i pull down the street, make a right into the lot and pull in about 3/4 of the way. simultanously a group of four or five very drunk 20-something's comes down sidewalk, up to my car thinking I was their driver. i roll my window halfway down, drunk boyfriend is giving drunk girlfriend piggy back ride + i notice drunk gf is rocking a little cold sore action. I explain to them that i'm not their ride. drunk girlfriend presses issue that i was their ride "hey Uber driver. your my Uber driver". actual PAX still making their way to my car at this point. drunk girlfriend (still riding piggy back) is now holding onto my halfway rolled down window with both hands for balance, putting stress on the glass, and wobbly drunk boyfriend stumbles causing them both to bump my side mirror. immediately i give drunk boyfriend and gf the glare of death and tell them: "IM NOT YOUR DRIVER. GET THE F$$K OFF MY CAR". Drunk girlfriend goes from annoying drunk to angry annoying drunk and accidentally drops something into my car as drunk boyfriend is putting her down. Drunk boyfriend, backs up says sorry to me. drunk girlfriend says "excuse me" with attitude and opens my door. drunk boyfriend closes my door and pulls her back. he's ignores that she thinks she dropped something in my car. in the chaos, baby boomer PAX, also drunk are getting into my car, asking me why I'm so hostile with them. I finally pull away and fill them in on how this job goes and how if my car got damaged, I'd be screwed. they both proceed to lecture me for the next 10 min on how people are "just having a good time" and that "I should expect that with this job". i bite my tongue.

go to drop PAX off, still lecturing me, then the dude starts telling me about his mercedes and sail boat. he hands me a $5 tip while helping his lady friend out of the car.... then.....lady friend spots something on floor. "What's that? Oh, it's my lipstick!"

Plot Twist: It wasn't her lipstick. It was drunk cold sore piggy bag gf's lipstick. That's what she dropped it in my car. :p

I pocket the five, one star the PAX and drive away.

-1 lipstick for drunk annoying gf
+1 herpee for condescending boomer