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shortly after an incident where i told drunk herpes face piggy back chick + bf to get the @@@@ off my car (please see other thread), I had another awesome pickup in DT last nite....

2:30am-ish, I get a 1.6x pool request near Alameda and 3rd aka Blue Jay/X Lanes. Rider name Sebaughfd$& whatever the hell. go to pick up Senhufsdf, get another pool ping, wait 2 min, no show for Sebuaghfdg, cancel, collect my $$, go to pickup second rider. 3rd Pool ping comes in with a re-route. it's Sebaghdsfg again. Sure i'll take more money from you. go to pick up Sbhefrdgf at new spot, not there again. I call, he says they're back at the original pickup. I go to get Sebuagaha. Dude gets in with his friend. At first he seems to have an attitude, but he was just drunk. I explain I had to cancel the first time because he's in a pool, and I head to get second PAX.

Sbegudfh in the passenger seat, begins to get way too comfortable - full recline, takes off his watch, glasses and shoes. reclines all the way back on his friend in back seat. friend slides behind me. Then homeboy puts his feet on my dash. I jam the brakes. Tell him it's fine if he wants to get comfortable, but get your feet off my dash. and move your seat up we have to pick up another person. Drunkenness increases now that he's sitting down apparently. Was 100%?coherent on the phone.

Go to pick up 2nd rider. Sebguhsrd then says "where's the phghf spot"?

I say "what"?

Seghtfdfg a 2nd time "where's the plghrb spot"?

I look at him like WTF. did you just say "Where's the PUKE spot?"

I jam breaks, pull over in front of Union Station. door opens. Dude luckily stumbles to sidewalk starts puking on curb. 2nd PAX (who's been waiting for his pickup with a dying phone this whole time) is walking down sidewalk. I turn around, tell Sebfghtd's friend "RIDE OVER. GET THE @@@@ OUT OF MY CAR".

I get out, open his door he gets out sort of drunk shocked. Ihand him his friends watch and glasses, fix passenger seat back from full recline. Grab Sebgradoo's shoes, throw them next to him on the sidewalk, hold door for new Pax, select drop off for Serghfdgh, take whatever money for the short trip and get an extra ride for quest.

Me to new rider, happy un-phased voice "So how was your night man?"

drive away.


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No thanks, but I'd like to use your aux cord to listen to my obnoxious x-rated hip-hop 'music'. Oh, and could you be a dear and turn down the A/C?
Sure! It's at 72, will 63 do? Brrrrrrr. Fresh!

No thanks, but I'd like to use your aux cord to listen to my obnoxious x-rated hip-hop 'music'. Oh, and could you be a dear and turn down the A/C?
Heard the WORST depressing violent creepy song the other night at the I distance of one of four drunk young adults at closing time. This gut seemed to get the greatest kick out of playing a song in which a bunch of depraved young men rape a woman... if he hadnt been with a girls and guys it might have been even creepier. Even his friends were creeped.


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There's just no end to the A-Hole-ery... It's like we all have a front row seat watching the rapid decline of civilzation. Pass me the pretzels please?

spot on^^^

had a kid puke his USC pizza up in a bag i gave him last night. puked right there in the car. zero mess or issues because I was prepared, but from conversation the family was rich af. dropped them off at JW Marriot. granted it was a 5.0x surge for $30, but guess how much I was tipped by his rich ass Dad in the passenger seat?


it's chill your son just blew chunks 12 inches from my head, stunk up my beemer, you're probably a millionaire and I received not one dime of a tip for being awesome and professional and poised.

sidenote, I turned away two more riders tonight. ya can't walk, ya can't ride. i'm really enjoying telling people NOPE straight to their face then driving away.