Entitled passenger tells driver “don’t be racist” w/open container

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Cary Grant

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I have a few unused button spots in my car. I've considered putting in a Trunk Monkey and Passenger Eject button, with an LED light behind them so they are visible in the dark.


It would be super neat to have these buttons activate some small microcomputer that had some sound effects, and maybe a Siri voice saying "Trunk Monkey activated, passenger removal process will begin in 5...4...3...2...BOOM!"


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All whites who were here before slavery was abolished must pay Restitution with interest . . .

We owe the Indians 300 years back rent with Restitution.

Manhatten for beads was only a 3 year lease.

Remove all improvements within 30 days or forfeit.


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I thought we were paying back...

For all those years we mistreated Indians..

By educating their kids with casinos...

As much money as they make...

Seems like they are getting the last laugh...

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Political correctness is cancer. I mean, I really believe it actually causes cancer.

We know it can stress people out, and we know stress creates an environment in the body where cancer can form and thrive. So yes, political correctness is a physical assault.


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It isn't always that simple. One time i drove a customer on a round trip to 711 for a beer run.

"That's cool as long as you don't open it in the car"

Turned into...

Me kicking them to the curb the second i heard the cardboard rip followed the the "hiss" of a can opening.
It IS always that simple. . For reasons you just mentioned.
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