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Enjoy doing Uber Eats, but.....

Discussion in 'UberEATS' started by Danny3xd, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Bpr2

    Bpr2 Well-Known Member

    Glad to see you got what I meant by "leave in safe place" :)
  2. algorhythm

    algorhythm New Member

    This is where 'disposing' of the food would have been worth it. You order $65 worth of food and can't bother to check that its arriving? I have yet to, but I have my limit set at waiting for 10 min after some bad experiences for no tip.
  3. Doowop

    Doowop Well-Known Member

    Just now attempted to deliver. About 25.00 breakfast from MCDs. Arrive at unmanned locked gate. Attempt to notify via box phone at gate, no answer leave voicemail. Attempt call to eaters as Uber app has no option to text. No answer, no voicemail on phone. 10 minutes later go back to work. Go figure.
  4. GriffBetterPtkfgs

    GriffBetterPtkfgs Member

    I wish. Maybe I'd still be cooking then.
  5. Doowop

    Doowop Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Jul 13, 2017

  6. kdyrpr

    kdyrpr Well-Known Member

    LOL....yeah the post documented almost everything horrible about EATS and yet (more than once) says he really likes it. Man, I wish I was it was that easy to make me happy!
  7. Prius13

    Prius13 Well-Known Member

    Doing Uber eats door dash and Grubhub.. Getting confused with all the scheduling. Can you turn on Eats while having Grubhub app open ie taking orders? Including Door Dash? Am finding out 3/4 of hour is spent between orders.. Door Dash or Grubhub.. There's some dead time between orders so just wondering how I can fill in time during dead time with DF and GH.
  8. Jbstevens88

    Jbstevens88 Active Member

    Delivered to a high rise last night. Had to park a block away, pay the meter, and had figure out how to actually get into the building. I had to be buzzed in by the doorman and he had to do something so I could use the elevator to the 7th floor.

    I knock on the door, wait about 30 seconds for him to open the door. He opens the door and basically just sticks his arm out to grab the food. No eye contact or anything. He turns his back and shuts the door in my face. No thanks or anything.

    I gave the guy a down thumb - I was looking for "being a entitled jerk" as a reason. Marked him as hard to find. I wish D-bag was a reason.
  9. Doowop

    Doowop Well-Known Member

    Did Eaters actions when you arrived give you a hint that he knew full well what you had to go thru to deliver to him? Think he had pizza delivered in the past? This scum NEVER tipped, nor demonstrated, appreciation for a delivery/service person in his LIFE. RUDE
  10. islanders88

    islanders88 Active Member

    with high rises, i leave the food with doormen if the customer isn't down in the lobby when i get there...not going to the 25th floor even with tips bcz time is money. Luckily most of my deliveries are to private houses, so i can pretty much take a thumbs down every time i refuse to go up and it wont affect my ratings.

    When i'd go upstairs as a newbie, i observed that people in expensive condos/luxury high rises never tipped, on the contrary, people in public housing tipped good. Just the other day, a lady in a public housing complex tipped me $5 in the app. If she hadn't tip, i would've been OK with it since it saved me a lot of time bcz her son was waiting outside on the street when i pulled up to her building.

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