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Engine management light

Discussion in 'London' started by ubering_it, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. Hi partners,
    Have to renew my sticker soon but cnt get my engine managment light switched off or else it will fail i guess..also tried with obd reader, switches off but after switching engine on again it comes back...any tips or advise? The reading says fuel tempreature sesonor A too high? What ever that means
    Thanks guys
  2. snoodles88


    The sensor could be faulty. Try replace it, clear the codes see if it comes back. Possibly a cheap fix
  3. Is it easy to change the sensor my self?
    Obd reader clears it but comes back on again ;(
  4. It usually is easy to change, its usually a case of screwing on and off! And its cheap to buy as well!
  5. UberLuxbod

    UberLuxbod Moderator

    Probably better to take it to a trusted local mechanic with proper diagnostics.

    Get a fault code and go from there.

    Are you sure it was a fuel temperature sensor A?

    Wasn't fuel pressure or lambda?

    Either way if the car is possibly over fueling then you need to get it sorted as you could cause other problems.

    What kind of vehicle is it?
  6. Hi, i have the fault code..took it to a local mechanic he said not to worry about it..the car drives really well and had no issues with the light on.but better to sort it..its a passat i have, what does over fueling mean?
  7. UberGeezer


    East London
    could be injector related. injectors letting in too much fuel
  8. UberLuxbod

    UberLuxbod Moderator

    If it is a diesel and it is over fueling then it will likely kill the DPF and probably produce excess soot.

    Can't see it being that healthy for the EGR or Turbo either. And if it is a common rail then it could cause other issues.
  9. Checked up on the code which is P0183 but coudnt find anything related to dpf or injector or turbo?
    The car regens it self once in a while. I have not noticed any issues driving..any ideas guys?
  10. UberLuxbod

    UberLuxbod Moderator

    This thread may help


    I would change it before the weather gets too cold as diesel gets thicker when it is cold and if the sensor tells the ECU the wrong temps it could lead to problems.

    Plenty of info if you Google the Fault Code, it appears to be fairly common.
  11. Thank you so much UberLuxbodUberLuxbod u guys are very helpfull..thank you

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