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Uberx zoom

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Hows the fares i wounder?

Man.....the negetivity on these boards can turn a perfectly good glass of milk into mouldy stinky cheese faster then you could say "whos John Galt"....:smiles:
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The figures aren't that outrageous as most of you are just negative all the time lol

With uber you pay your own:
Car service/maintenance
As well as buy your own car that is worthless when your finished with it......

And you might pay an average of $120 in commission to uber per day roughly...(maybe more on busy fri sat nights)

Plus this gives you the option or renting out the car when your not driving allowing you to recoup some of the 150 per day it costs you

Obviously it's all a matter of getting and finding the work and I'm assuming there aren't any hidden surprises but the numbers aren't as bad as some of the posts on here make out
Hmmmm how much did they pay you to tell srories about them. I wana joine too
If many of the competitors are in the market, it would be even harder to make $150 for the car rent. Market would be shared by many so the income .