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Email from Uber on busiest times...

Discussion in 'New Jersey' started by NJDriver, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. NJDriver


    Hoboken, NJ
    • Hoboken Morning/Evening Rush Hour: Monday-Friday: 7am-10am & 4pm-8pm
    • Morristown Weekend Nights: Friday/Saturday Night: 9pm-3am
    • New Brunswick/Rutgers Campus: Monday-Friday: 7am-10am & 4pm-8pm Friday/Saturday Night: 9pm-3am
    • Princeton/Princeton Campus: Monday-Friday: 7am-10am & 4pm-8pm Friday/Saturday Night: 9pm-3am
    • Football Games at MetLife Stadium: Sunday game days mean high demand when the game is over - click here for the latest schedule

    I agree with Hoboken especially in the early early morning. I would say its best to start at 4am. As for football games at MetLife stadium. I tried it once a while back and there was so much traffic and confusion I gave up and went back to Hoboken.
  2. Nagodesi


    Central New Joisey
    It's BS way to saturate teh market.. there were more than 14 cars in New Brunswick last night, 7:30 to 10:30 pm in 3 hours, I only had 6 riders.. totally blows..

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