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email from Uber...I'm missed and they're concerned

You’re one of our valued partners in Central Atlantic Coast, FL, but haven’t been driving with Uber lately. I wanted to personally reach out and see if you had any questions or concerns, or if you needed any support from the team.

Uber demand in Central Atlantic Coast, FL is growing every month, and there's a big opportunity to earn even more this weekend helping people get around the city. Let me know if there's anything we can help with to get you back on the road.

Talk soon!

I haven't driven for them since end of Nov. I have not received this type of email, yet I get a text weekly telling me congrats for being in the top 5% of rated drivers and thanking me for my great service and that my rating shows how much the pax love me. Even if I am having a bad week, I know I can count on a good laugh from Uber in the middle of it.