Elton John Concert

Scottie B

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This Sunday out in the Yarra Valley 2pm to 8pm theres a Elton John Concert, around 7000 people, most trips will be from Lilydale Station 1pm onwards and return from 3pm. Standard base rates that trip is worth $23.00 and return empty. Word of advise it's a nightmare in the pickup area and traffic is normally jammed.

yogi bear

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Yah, don't drive in there for the love of god, even if you find your pax getting stuck in that driveway traffic on base rates would be economically ruinous..

There's a winery gateway directly across hill road from rochford that's a far better place to meet.

Oh, and for those that don't know the area, 50 means 50 as you go past the pedestrian crossing in main street lilydale near the train station.