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Ejected my 1st pax last night....

Discussion in 'Stories' started by AvsUberJunkie, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. It took almost 2000 rides but I finally had to pull into a parking lot and ask the pax to exit my vehicle.
    I arrived at the pin location, a motel, waited by the lobby. After a minute i text her and tell her I'm waiting at the address requested. She asks me via text, to confirm hotel name. I didn't answer because i saw a woman heading my way. She then calls me.
    I tell I'm right in front of her. To be fair, my trade dress wasn't on my dash as usual. Red flag 1
    I start the trip and ask her if we are just going down Quebec to Arapahoe.
    She says yes I need to go to Safeway in the liquor store and then we're coming back here. She didn't even bother to ask that would mind waiting. Red flag 2
    As we started down Quebec Street she asked do you have any music. The music was playing on Pandora but was turned down a little because I always keep the volume down as a pax gets in and hadn't gotten around to turning it back up yet. Red flag 3
    Reign 'oer me by The Who was playing. A couple minutes later she says turn it off. I ask what would like to hear. Just turn it off and give me the aux cord.
    I said i would be happy to change to an artist of your choice but the aux cord stays attached to my phone. Red flag 4
    To this she replys you're rude.
    My temperature is rising quickly at this point so I pull into a parking lot and tell tell her she needs to get another Uber because this ride is done, please exit my vehicle. She pulls out her phone to video the rest and asks you're going to drop me in the middle of nowhere? I reply it's not the middle of nowhere, this is a city, please exit my vehicle.
    Finally she gets out muttering more rude crap. I drove off, my adrenaline pumping.
    I went to nearby spot i wait for pings at to calm down. A few minutes later I get a ping from an address near where I left the rude pax but a different name.
    I accepted it, but as i got close they cancelled.
    The best ending was as I drove by that parking lot, she was still standing there starring ar her phone.

    I knew if I didn't end the ride when I did, things would have gotten real ugly.
    I immediately reported her to Uber and got back a response that said i would never be paired with that rider again.
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  2. nickd8775


    NJ / Philly
    I'd have accepted the future rides from her and never moved. Let her wait.
  3. shockmaster


    Los Angeles
    These people are so entitled. I think they forget we as well are doing them a service as they are for us (payment) but we use our cars. These people are so damn rude. I get them all the time like that.
  4. DocT

    DocT Moderator

    Los Angeles (South Bay)
    What was her rating?
  5. kc ub'ing!

    kc ub'ing!

    Reno, NV
    How ugly? Like she may've said she didn't like the way you parted your hair? Jeeze dude, all your red flags seem at worst pink to me. An ejection of a female pax for calling you rude? Toughen up proud warrior.
  6. Attitude is everything. Act like an adult and people will treat you like one.

    Hopefully she learned a lesson.
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  7. Squirming Like A Toad

    Squirming Like A Toad

    I would have been mad about her telling me to turn off The Who too, but I think that was a bit short of ejection-worthy.

    Instead I would have cranked up some Yes. Or maybe Renaissance, or Tangerine Dream, maybe Styx or Kansas even. From the tone of your post, I am sure she would have loved it!
  8. Jo3030

    Jo3030 Moderator

    Washington DC
    We all have our tipping points.
    That was yours.
    Some passengers are oblivious to their drivers and their desires, it IS the drivers' car after all.
    Ejecting passengers is always an option!
  9. LV-Reni


    Las Vegas
    LOL, that was it? I am moving to Highlands Ranch if THAT was your most difficult PAX!

    Is this red flag on you or her? Your fault no trade dress in the window. You want this lady to just walk up to every random vehicle?

    Just lol.

    She asked because she could not hear it, you had it turned down.
    Ok, I will give you this one.

    All I can say it stay wherever you are! You think THIS is a bad ride?

    How would things have gotten "real ugly"? Would you have throw her from your moving vehicle? Pepper sprayed her?

    Just wow!
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  10. Throwing a rude pax from a moving vehicle is always an option.

    Extra points if you are going down a steep hill in SF.
  11. you did the right thing, I only had one of these situations happen in 1000 trips, but never actualy did it
  12. They always give me the worst rider's who stink, are contagiously sick, and have bad attitudes. Oh yeah and I love the riders who have so much stuff it weighs my car down.
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  13. They don't care. They are just happy they don't have to pay for a taxi anymore.
  14. Uberface007


    Yeah I wouldn't of put her out for that. I would have just let her use the AUX. Made pleasant convo...like ask if she from out of town? How's your day going so far? Hey I have family coming into town next month would you recommend that motel? Anything to change the mood around. It was rude for calling you names...but that's to be expected since you booted her out the car.
  15. I tried to change the mood, but when she said I was rude, the only option at that point was to end the ride.
    I sure as hell wasn't going to be waiting for her to go to the liquor store and Safeway and then take her back to her motel.
    It's always easy to have 20-20 hindsight, but I did what I felt was the best for me at the time, and getting that entitled cu nt out of my car was it.
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  16. Stan07


    New Jersey
    Amazing happy ending:D:D
  17. Godwyn


    There are no ghettos in highlands ranch.
  18. tootsie


    He's 2000 trips in before ever ejecting someone but some of you people claiming he was overreacting. I'm sure he would of ejected more prior to this event if he was easily annoyed/angered. If he's at a point where he wants to ejected a Pax then he has the right. Hopefully, she has learned her lesson and You'll be thanking him later when she realizes disrespect is not tolerated in Uber.
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  19. Jagent

    Jagent Moderator

    Was she hot?
  20. No, just an inconsiderate person.

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