egg pain after driving 6hour/day, 4 days a week basis


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As a guy, I don't have eggs. If you do, I hear that a great deal of women experience pain and discomfort from their eggs every 28 days (more or less). I'm no expert, but I think it'll clear up soon
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Well, in Spanish, huevos (eggs, also güevos) may refer to a man's testes, because of its ovoid shape. Maybe he gets pain there after driving. :oopsies::rolleyes:
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Is the pain in one egg or both eggs? Is one egg maybe sitting funny under the other egg? Usually eggs like to sit side by side. Are you wearing tight underwear?


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If we are talking about testicles, then yes - with this kind of job (or activity, if you will), expect all kinds of issues. Mainly because of continuous high temperatures (regardless whether you have AC or not) and constant squishing.

I truly envy those who have ventilated seats...