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Effective Immediately: New Customer Scoring System

Respect The Beard

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My new scoring system is that only customers who tip will earn 5 stars from me. No tip, no 5 Stars!
Good no hassle riders will earn 4 stars. To earn 5 Stars from me, the customer has to show me some love. They need to go above & beyond to earn FIVE STARS from me!!
Remember, Tipping is not required. (It is appreciated!)
Makes sense for sure and I'll adopt the same philosophy as well going forward.
My clients do not see their rating. I do it after I'm driving away. Yes. I'm the same way…No tip…No 5 stars…Don't care if it's Uberxl or a 5.0 surge… Minimum fare's automatically lose a point just for that. No destination addy…worth a point. Leave trash in my car…automatic 1 star. I roll a timer for five minutes when I arrive at the pin drop. Make me wait when I arrive 3-5 minutes, also a point. Five minutes or more equal cancelled ride.
Actually the client has that right to include that in their rating of me. However the problem is that in a uber ride where we are providing a service at about 1/2 the taxi cab rate so water and gum is not required. The more you pay at hotels the more amenities you get…Simply put. Yes, we should assigning a rating to the passenger based on their quality.

Disgusted Driver

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yesterday i had 3 strangers from the duke washington inn(at least 200$) share a regular fare ride rdu and no tip!!!!!!!!!! wtf!!!!!!!
That's the norm. I regularly pick up or drop off at the Ulmstead Hotel and tips are a dead animal. As far as ratings go, does it really matter. You think it gives you a little power or control but pax will still get picked up so I'm not sure how it matters what we rate them.


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You just have to resign yourself to the fact that no one will tip on uberX. Doesn't matter who it is - airport foljs, rich people, service industry people - they simply aren't going to do it.

Every once in a blue moon, I'll get an uber tip.

Lyft on the other hand - I average about 10% if my fare earnings in tips in the app. Not everyone tips, but that's how it seems to average.


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The only uber pax who get 5 stars from me are those who tip.

Pleasant folks who don't tip get 4.

I rarely need to rate below a 4 but I've occasionally had pax who pawed at me, slam my doors, keep me waiting close to 5 minutes or rough-housed with their buddies in the car & I've given those folks 1-3 stars.

I haven't yet had anyone be actually rude or mean to me at this point. I did have some pax expressing bigoted opinions about others, but they were not the account holders & in those two situations, I could tell from the conversation that the account holder didn't share their opinions so I let it slide.


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yesterday i had 3 strangers from the duke washington inn(at least 200$) share a regular fare ride rdu and no tip!!!!!!!!!! wtf!!!!!!!
That's really frustrated and disappointed; it happened to me couple times I pick up people from Biltmore hotel to dt phx for 9.70dlls and no tip; in that kind of resort the average price is 250dlls per night


New Member
So I've given 5 star ratings to every single one of the 1000+ passengers I've driven. My philosophy has been that if you're not blatantly and grossly disrespectful to me, my car, or to others, then you're a customer and I'm thankful for you.

If you want to bicker about tipping (which I agree sucks and i'll gladly abandon uber if an alternative proves more driver-friendly), why not have this approach: tip = 5 stars. No tip = 1 star.

Keep in mind I don't think it matters. But I'd be interested to see what happens if I said that to a customer (ha, basically hold their irrelevant rating hostage for a tip).

I suspect my 4.88 which once was 4.93 will continue its irrelevant descent.


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If you rate everyone who doesn't tip 4 stars or below then soon you will have no riders at all to pick up. If they are no prob we pretty much have to give 5 stars if we want to keep getting riders. If on the other hand they are any trouble (stuffing too many passengers, trying to bring booze, trying to smoke, asking to stop at the ATM and making you sit for 10 mins, jumping around like kids in the back, pushing every button they can find, playing with the windows, farting, condescending wealthy pricks, etc., etc.) Burn them bad with 1-3 stars so they will never get any ride again.

Respect The Beard

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I have only given put 5's and have had my rating drop from a 4.90 to a 4.80 and saw one negative comment from a Prick that wasn't even from Raleigh and I gave him a 5.I went above and beyond to drop that Prick to a hotel couldn't remember (North Raleigh Hilton)and even overextended myself to drop him to Dennys up the street from there and for what?I'm gonna start being the same kind of Prick with these ungrateful people.