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Eating While Driving as a Driver

Discussion in 'Stories' started by BikingBob, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. I worked this Friday and Saturday afternoon. But Saturday evening I parked at a 'Park N Ride' and took an Uber into the city to avoid paying for event parking.

    On my return trip shortly after midnight - I had a pretty seasoned driver with over 2,500 rides get me. They didn't know I also drove but they asked me if I minded that they ate while they drove. As a driver I was skeptical; but I am also not trying to block them from getting power food in for a long night.

    They proceed to eat their food while driving and even spilled their drink IN THEIR OWN car while driving. When they spilled their drink the driver took their eyes off the road and started to drift into another lane.

    When we got to the 'Park N Ride' they asked me which car was mine and I just said "That one with the Uber stickers in it".

    2,500+ rides and a 4.87 rating.

    Would any of you even remotely consider eating while driving? I have snacked while stationary, but never in motion. I wouldn't even dream of it with a passenger. I don't even drink my water while on a ride.
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  2. Rakos


    Tampa Bay
    Not with a pax in the car....1 star....8>)
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  3. MadTownUberD

    MadTownUberD Moderator

    Madison, WI
    Ya that was pretty bad.
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  4. I’ll take a drink from either my hot or cold cup, but never a bite of food with a pax.
  5. Not with a passenger in car !

    Now i will say
    Getting Hot Food is a garunteed way to get a Ping !
    Every Time !
    Food goes under seat.
    Out of sight !
  6. Hope you dont get the cleaning fee from the spilled drink
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  7. That would be Rotten.
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  8. EVERY time!!!...or getting gas
  9. You could be sitting for an hour.
    Get food.
    Ping !
  10. steveK2016


    Dallas / Fort Worth Texas
    I dont eat in my car even without pax. If I go drive thru late at night, I park and eat outside. Allows to stretch the legs and keeps the car from smelling like food.
  11. Too much risk of being robbed.
  12. jazzapt


    I'm always taking sips from my coffee cup. If you want me to drive you to the airport at 3:45 am, you're better off seeing me take sips from my cup rather than the alternative. I always keep my eyes on the road though.

    But I would never eat with pax in the car. Furthermore I never eat anything pungent in the car at all. Anything with onions for example. Lose an onion in your car, it will stink something terrible until you find that sucker.
  13. Oh i ride with a 48 oz drink in center console. No eating in front of passengers though.
  14. 1.5xorbust


    San Diego
    Same. I don’t have to look to get my coffee cup or replace it.
  15. Rakos


    Tampa Bay
    My little SUV wouldn't run...

    Without a fresh polar pop...

    Plugged into the center console...8>)

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  16. Ribak


    I personally would not. However, I would not be so quick to judge this driver either. He/she may not have eaten for a while or may have had a medical need to eat at that time. Yes, I understand that it is up to the driver to go offline if that is the case. I would have given 5 stars and a generous tip.
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  17. JaredJ


    I travel every couple months to visit family. My last trip as a passenger had my Uber driver stop halfway to fill up his gas tank. He also held his cell phone in his right hand the entire trip.

    Dude got 1 star and earned it. I'd never eaten with a pax in the car. That's pretty awful for all the reasons OP mentioned. Luckily, drivers like that can get booted, whereas if we were still in a taxi economy, terrible drivers would continue to be terrible.
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  18. Z129

    Z129 Moderator

    Never with a pax in the car.
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  19. Uber Crack

    Uber Crack Author

    Never with pax! I have a drink that I will sip IF I need to due to a dry throat otherwise I don't even sip that except between rides.

    If I need to eat a meal (not snacks) I turn the app off. Snacks you can put away when you pull up.
  20. I have second hand embarrassment for this Driver. I would never eat with a pax in the car. I only sip a drink if I’m super tired and need caffeine from coffee or energy drink.

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