Sooo, I created a SQUARE account and received 2 card readers (I requested 2 because they wear out fast). Now I tell customers right before the ride ends, "There's been some confusion, so I just wanted to let you know that we now have a way to tip your driver, if you want!". If they say "great", I open the SQUARE APP, let them put in the amount and slide their cc. The money goes straight into my bank account. Woo hoo!!!
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It's important you say WE now have a way of accepting tips. This will get them all onboard. They tip on LYFT. Why not UBER?


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I have a sign in my car and most of the scum still don't tip. More than before the sign but most are still scum.

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98% of Uber riders will not tip. It's been programmed in to their brains by Uber that they don't have to tip and that we don't accept tips