East side surging 4.5x Saturday night?


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Did anyone notice the east side surging 4.5x on Saturday night? Because I was in the area, I flipped on my driver app to watch surge go from 3 to 4.5x. Not one call for 20 minutes, then Surge vanished. There were no events at the Fairgrounds, and none at Prairie Meadows. Does anyone know what that was about?


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In the past week, I happened to be in the middle of 5 surges (most downtown). Only one ping. The surge came, I sit, then the surge disappears after a few minutes.

The surge multiplier AND the heat zones are mostly useless and fake. That's why I NEVER chase the surge and always ignore the heat maps.

If you fire up the Rider app while in a surge area, it actually tells the pax that a surge is supposed to encourage drivers to come online. What a joke, since (1) most drivers never chase the surge, and (2) if offline we have no idea there is a surge.


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I also believe that the surge and "hot" areas are usually fake. The Fair is one story. Concerts. But showing hot areas - it's bs. I won't chase them. I was at the Fair and paid 2.2 (if I recall as I had been consuming 27 degree beer) to get home. The place was packed. The line at the taxi stand was 20 deep. I would have thought the surge would be higher but then most of the boneheads standing in line for a taxi have no clue about Uber.


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I believe Uber suppressed the surge for the Iowa State Fair just like they did the concert in St Charles