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The riders tell me that they are seeing multiple drivers start coming in just after 5. Before I said anything on the blog, there seldom was anyone besides me before 6:30. This morning at 5:30 I looked myself and there were three cars besides me, two in good locations. I only had one ride to that point so I booted it to St. Catharines and between 6 and 8:15 I made $43. It looks like the drivers in Niagara are trying to bite work that is not there, leaving St. Catharines open for me to do early morning. There is not enough work in the early morning for 3-5 additional drivers. It's good for me because I did not know St. Catharines very well at all. Now in the morning when there is light traffic I am getting rides to the bus terminal the new arena complex and Brock. Two good rides for summer classes. One in Port Weller and one out the far end of Grantham Ave. I was going start in Niagara today and didn't, but tomorrow for sure.
My thought on what's to come in Niagara is this.

There are far too many ignorant tourists. They are spending their money and somehow they think they are better than the people they depend on to take care of them. I have really only given rides to maybe ten tourist families. One or two of them, very nice! A really awful example below.
I get a call to pick up a ride at an address that doesn't exist on the parkway by Dufferin Islands. I drive along and see no buildings at all where I am do the pick-up. I drive past go through Dufferin Islands and slowly come back. Someone runs out to the side of the road. My ride. ALL 7 OF THEM, one young kid in a wheel chair. The have suitcases and some clothing bags. This is not going to work. Maybe where they come from they's all fit in a Fiat 500, but not in my car. I tell them to call for additional Uber car, and go to the back of my van to try and fit a decent amount of luggage and a folding wheelchair into my van. They are not happy and keep slapping their laps meaning people can sit on each others laps. I get a bit mad and leave 3 of them for the next Uber car while I take them up to the Marriott. Beside me in the front passenger seat sits Grandpa. I get in, try and get everyone settled down and Grandpa is smiling at me with a kind of an apologetic smile. Then it hits me. THE SMELL. Grandpa has shite himself. It was terrible. But they were so considerate, they put a clear plastic raincoat under Grandpa. I was at the back loading luggage and did not see them get him in my car. long story short they complained that I opened all the windows and they were cold. Grandpa didn't care he was sitting in his nice warm mess. When we got to the Marriott I went to the back to get the hatch door of the van open and they got Grandpa out. By the time I got around to the side Gramps was there with the goo running onto his shoes from his pant legs and I pointed to the plastic sheet now awash with Grandpa's processed lunch and said get that out of my car. Now they understood even less English and I get these shoulder shrugs and some no comprendos. I pointed to the sheet, said someone is going to wear this thing if you don't get it out of my car, and some little 12 year old granddaughter came to the side and carefully took it out making sure no Grandpa Goo spilled into my car. She said sorry in perfect English, and the rest of them looked at me like I was dirt.
I will be doing a lot more time in St. Catharines and a lot less tourist driving when the season really gets going. No matter how ignorant they are or are not, they won't be riding in my car. There is more than enough for me in St. Catharines.
So if you do want to scoop the Niagara work, get some plastic raincoats for your seats.


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Atomck. Very few people read this blog. It could just be a coincidence that there are more riders on the road. I can tell you that I drive exclusively after 4pm and at night and there are always 8 cars side by side all the time! There are too many drivers at all times and although it's possible I think some may have read the blog and are trying mornings.

So, I have to drive around and not wait or I miss out!

The problem is there are way more possible riders and potential rides in Niagara Falls then St. Catharines now that Brock is not in full session. The caveat being that all Niagara Falls rides are like $5, whereas in St. Catharines you usually average $10 rides. That being said, 3 $15 rides is equal to 9 or 10 $4 to $5 rides and I think we can all agree it's better to do less rides that are longer then many short rides. Most long rides though originate out of Niagara Falls and not St. Kitts.

It's feast or famine. It's a tough slog and $100 days are not always guaranteed. To be honest, I would say the only real prime times I see for $20 an hour potential are 8 to 9am and 4 to 5pm. Then on Friday and Saturdays at select times.


I am at a little over $500 in five days working just under 25 hours. this morning I wanted to break $100 by 11:AM at 8:AM I was at $72. with a few easy rides. That last $28 felt like it weighed 5 tons, but it was in the bucket by 11:.
I am finding St. Catharines is more profitable per ride, than Niagara. By 11:10 I had my $100, $108 in fact. I have quit for the day. Tomorrow I want to do an extra $100 to pay for my safety. Otherwise I would take tomorrow off.


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I made $75 in 6 hours today, driving from 7 to 1:30pm. How do you do so well every day? I keep getting $5 rides, I would need to have 20 of them in a day to make a hundred.


I am having great luck now in St. Catharines every day. I am told their are less drivers in St. Cath than there was previously. And it does seem like their are lots of customers each morning. I know where the $10+ every day rides are, I ask them if they would like to ride with me exclusively, and I am in their driveway at the right time every morning. They see me and click their UBER. Last daily ride 8:45:AM everyday. I have two in Niagara at 4:45 and 5:30 then to St. Cath for 6 more. It is working out that I am averaging about $60-$70 before 9 every day. Some riders have their days off work on weekdays. I am working with every regular rider asking if they use UBER every day or with any consistency. If they do I look at my other daily rides and offer my services as their only to work driver. With random rides and these everyday rides, I am averaging $100 to $140 before 11 most days, St Cath and Niagara mix. That is the end of my day. I have given my card to anyone who will take it, and if they want to have a regular ride, they know how to contact me. Most have been really good about letting me know, and two of them now have also signed on as UBER drivers, but still ride with me in the mornings. This has made it that I likely will have my weekends off, and I know a minimum income to plan for every day. Sitting waiting for a ping does not make a good day. I like hustling and I am getting quite a few regulars. It's also good to be doing one ride while others are being pinged in, to head to when the current ride is over. I am netting my $10 to $11 as before tax profit. My income has not gone up much, but it it is consistent now, without PING anxiety. Anybody thinks this won't work, hasn't tried it. Works for me. And every ride I offer goes through UBER. I think speedy cabs should be jailed !


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There is a method to to your madness. You are very entrepreneurial, congrats! So you say you bring in $100 to $140 by 11am each day? So 30 hours a week, $500 to $700?

Wow! It is 11am and I am at zero dollars today. I definitely have ping anxiety!

For every card you hand out how many people say no? If you sit in someone's driveway does anyone ask you to stop?

The system is working for you but how much did you spend on business cards?

Also, I have an on call real part time job so I don't always want to be on the clock for Uber or be at anyones beck and call.

Also, none of these riders are asking for cash? If they do and you refuse they will drop you as a rider no? Also, what if two riders want a ride at the same time? Most people go to work at the same time.

I have given my number a few times to people seeking longer rides for further Uber business but nothing has ever come of it.


Hi Neptune, I appreciate the interest and will reply point by point. This will most likely be my last long post. If I had been driving Uber instead of typing I would have made a buck or two.

Tomorrows Thursday and my pay will be over $600. I am closer to $600 than to $700 most weeks. This morning I did $105 by 10:AM and I had a medical appointment so that was it for today.

I offer everyone a card. I tell everyone if it is between 5:AM and noon if they for some reason cannot contact a ride through the app to call me direct. If I can get to them I will. I also tell them if they want to schedule a longer ride to check with me by phone, as I will confirm by text 60 minutes ahead of departure time that I am ready to be in their driveway 15 minutes before departure time. All they have to do is text for an Uber after they see me in their driveway. I have two long pre-arranged rides booked for this week. Eatons Centre Toronto on Saturday, and a stag party drop off later on Friday afternoon in Mississauga. Most people will take my card and in the 3 months I have been Ubering, about 20 people have called me about riding with me, and they know I Uber only.

To show you what I mean when I say sometimes a rider can’t get an UBER to come. This morning at 5:30 a woman who works at Brock McDonalds, saw three drivers available in St. Cath but they would not respond to her $5.00 ride. She kept trying and on her 3rd try I got the ping as I was finishing a Lundy’s Lane drive. I accepted and got her to work with two minutes to spare. She got my card and an apology from me about the jerks who would not pick her up. Later this morning she called me, said she had seen on my card that she could reserve a ride. She asked if I would take her by Uber on Saturday to Eaton Centre. That is her that I am taking this Saturday.

Only a few people have not taken my card. I usually say to them “here have a look at my card, I can be your exclusive UBER Chauffer if you like”. It is said in a joking manner, but guess what? I get calls. I have given out about 250 business cards at a cost of less than $30, and I still have some left. Go to Vista Print online, their cards are inexpensive.

I understand about being at someone’s beck and call. I am greedy, there is no doubt. To me the buck rules. Seems I can’t turn down a buck. So if someone calls at 1:30 AM needing a ride where I will see more $100 to me net, they have got their driver. I have turned down pre-arranged requests. Not many, but it has happened. One the other day to London.

If they offer me cash to be a speedy driver, I ask them why if I am going to charge them the same as Uber charges, why would they want to ride illegally and uninsured. They reply with “well I thought you’d give me a break if I was paying cash?” I reply “No I charge more for cash rides ! I have to go to the bank, but not with Uber, they direct deposit, so I don’t have to drive to the bank to do a deposit .” They think I’m nuts! Good !

I do not pool anyone, my regular morning riders currently as of today rounded off

4:45 Dorchester Rd to Thorold $11.
6.00 Bridge St to Stanley Street S. $13.
6:45 Great Bear to Delta Cresc. $11. Doing this one on time is a really tight turnoarond
7:15 Morrison Street to Pen Centre $13
8:00 Grantham Avenue to Skylon Tower $15
8:25 Beaverdams Rd To Victoria Ave. $11
Three of these have a day off through the week. I accept pings in the open times. I usually have at least $60 by the time these are finished, even on slow days. This morning $105. by 10:AM

You say “I have given my number a few times to people seeking longer rides for further Uber business but nothing has ever come of it. “
Hit them with “you’ll be their exclusive UBER Chauffer”. Works for me.

I really am going to stop with all of this typing. I know a couple of Uber people and they are saying behind the scenes other drivers are saying that I can’t be telling the truth. I can prove what I make and the hours I work with pay stubs. Also the ones that have said nobody watches this thread is wrong. Look at the number of views. Lots of people watch our thread.
I will say again. “Anyone that thinks they can make a good living driving Uber in the Niagara area, doesn’t aim very high in their standard of living. That is not criticism or something nasty to say. It is a straight fact. $65K is where a decent living starts, and I would challenge anyone to prove that kind of an income with UBER NIAGARA.
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Thank you for sharing. I agree, no one is making 65K a year doing this, even in Toronto.

The reason I don't offer my number is because Uber won't be a career for me, it's an ok side gig but limited with the lack of surge.

The long rides are where the money is. A guy today rides from NOTL to the Falls and back every day but he he seemed hesitant to had a regular driver, commenting he has never had the same driver twice.

Maybe I should make cards but I don't want any 3am rides.

Good for you, you are probably in the top ten of drivers for sure. The rest of us fight for scraps.


I did three good ones today.

One Bad Girl returning to To TO. pickup Embassy Suites to Yonge Street. I got her on an ping at 4:30AM $133 to me. I was on my way in from home.

One to TO that I had pre-Booked a few days ago to Keele and Lawrence. 8:15 AM pickup Near queen and St. Claire$137 to me

Bad girl from a local motel . I gave the clerk a card and said I'd give him $25 for each good ride. He called me when I was on my way back from Toronto. Not really worth it, but he has given me three TO girls over the last month. This was Hamilton $77, $52 to me.
Little over $320 for 8 hours. After everything costed out, still good grocery money.

A customer told me yesterday that in 18 months of Ubering he has never seen so many cars available in Niagara. Let them do it. Go to St Catharines. I worked St. Cath two days 5: to 11:AM this past week and had two really good days. SC drivers likely lemminged to Niagara Niagara Falls. I'll do SC for the first couple of days next week, and let you know how it goes..

WHERE'S Our Work
there were two Speedy cabs sitting at the Casino this morning. There is a new Speedy operating out of Welland/Port Colborne, and a new one called Loyal Speedy out of St. Cath. They both come to NF. The police apparently use them against us.They must because UBER is always in some sort of difficulty, yet the Speedys get away with with whatever they like. They are pulling a lot of our rides, and nothing happens. I called the Welland/Port Colborne Speedy faking a client. $85 to downtown Toronto. they work for Chicken Change. Call the cops with a license # if you see a Speedy. Eventually they will have to do something.

By the way. Every one of my rides is UBER. Legal costs me about 30% working UBER. If I speedyed my rides I could make 30% more. If I had an accident, I could get sued. I do have a lot to lose. My own transport business and driving with UBER are covered completely. I will not jeopardize what took my working life to build. I don't steel UBER work and no one ever rides in my car uninsured.

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You are doing well. But what is the average driver doing these days? I do agree St. Catharines is better. Niagara Falls is oversaturated and the rides are too short. I got a ride to East York yesterday but it is not consistent.

Yesterday I got a ping to go to Saint Catharines from the Falls but the rider dropped the call. It would have only been a short ride.


Like I said. A girl got a ride from me to her job at McDonald's when no SC driver would take the ride because they knew her address, and they'd make $5. I knew I would make $5 too. But I also knew that her $5 would cover my gas to SC. Then later in the day she called me and asked for me to UBER her to Toronto on Saturday. We did that trip, very pleasant and I certainly know the value of my business cards. My share of her ride was $137. + she bought me a coffee. I'll make sure all rides get a card and I will do my best to make them feel good about allowing me to be their UBER chauffeur. $5 or $137 !

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I always call ahead if I have to go to another city. I don't hand out cards so to drive and spend $5 in gas to make $5 is a wash for me because I go exclusively through the app.


I go exclusively through the app too. It is just that I'm at their address when they punch in an UBER request. Either because they have asked me to be there at a special time every day, or because they called me and wanted me to be at their address when they come out the door. Guess who gets the ride? A few times I have been foiled and I don't get pinged. I drive away in those situations, I am certainly not going to to fight for the ride. I am guessing I have made $1,000 of my income in the last three months, thanks to handing out cards.
With the client not being able to get a local driver, the $5 income that I got covered only a small amount of my actual expenses. But by giving her the card I was offered the opportunity to make $137 through UBER from the ride she had me provide to Toronto on Saturday. That did cover all my expenses +.
My point was drivers have been picking and choosing their rides. Even the local St. Catharines riders would not pick her up and take her to work because they would only be paid $5. We are supposed to be independent business people offering a service. If the world worked the way it is being suggested, If you walked up and wanted a quarter ponder with cheese meal, you'd be more than happily taken care of. But if you just wanted a small order of french fries, no one would wait on you. I have been a successful businessman in the past because I know where my income comes from. That has allowed me to live quite comfortably in my semi retirement. Uber makes me my weekly spending money. I'm lucky I guess but it all came from the way I work. My way works for me. That's all I care about, but I was asked how or why I do so well. It might only work for me, but it does work. $111 today in just over 5 hours.


Hey Vavvav,
Yup I'm still here. I actually have been fairly careful as to what I say and how I say it. I got a telephone call from UBER about 10 days ago. I think they were fishing to see if I was doing some speedy cab driving. He said the call was about when was I going to send in my Provincial Safety Inspection, later in the call he mistakenly told me he had seen it on May 2nd the day I sent it. Some unusual questions for me. I just told them I was happy with what I was doing and I asked him if UBER was happy with me. He said definitely. I believe someone called UBER and said I was hustling side rides from UBER, and accepting cash. I frequently get asked if I will accept cash when the rider gets in, and I always say no. UBER knows when a driver accepts cash if the client gets you at their door, and then a cancellation happens and the driver is gone for a while. He is off delivering the rider on a cash run.
They couldn't find out anything, because I am doing this by the book. I do not accept cash rides. Yesterdays pay was $610 for 29 hours of work. My cards, and the clients who want me to pick them up on an already determined schedule really does work for me. It is getting better every day, and I don't cheat to make it.
Today I was very busy because I believe UBER turned off the apps on any driver who did not submit a safety inspection. Usually I am doing a lot of St. Catharines early, then Niagara Falls. This morning I was busy with St. Catharines until after 10, squeezing in my booked riders as well. Then I was hustling to keep up in Niagara for the rest of the day. Put in a full day. 5:AM to about 2:30PM. I did very well, and some of my passengers mentioned they did not see many cars on the app. I am guessing that some cars failed the safety and the owners could not afford the repairs, so no safety certificate and UBER shut them down. I expected that.
I am happy with what I make and if I worked full days I obviously could and would make more. I did post that Niagara was busy in the early morning and that was a mistake. Guys moved in on me that did not previously drive at 5:AM. That is OK because I just work St. Catharines in the early morning and I now have 3 daily ride there as well. The way it works now is every day I make $70 with booked rides before 8, except Friday when it is about $55. So each week is a regular $335 for weekday rides before 8. Most days I work another 2 hours and that gives me usually another $150 to $200 additional. Some weeks are a light $400 and others like two weeks ago my pay broke through the $700 mark by working more hours.
I am working as hard as I want now. 25 to 30 hours for $500 to $600 is enough for me. I am netting a true $11.50 for each hour worked, and that is fine for me. My car depreciation is covered, all servicing, cleaning, and a reserve for additional maintenance is covered and I work when I want. I even have a favorite spot to take a break and park in the shade under a tree and have a nice snooze if I am so inclined. At 71 to have $300 a week spending money in my pocket and a job I enjoy seems pretty special. Sure as hell beats the basket weaving course down at the senior centre. Just got back from Dunneville on my motorcycle, where I met up with some local guys for a coffee. Life is tough.


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How did you do during Comic Con and Ryan and Kelly? Notice any bump in fares? I am the only guy on the road right now and nothing. Yesterday was unbelievable for me, $200 in 10 hours or so, unheard of for a Monday. Today, squat! Waiting for a ping and the only guy on the road, it's raining though. Do you think the summer will be better? 40 hours a week is enough, I feel to make serious money I would have to pu tin more hours and that is unrealistic for most.

Atomck, don't you find many riders want cash rides because it's cheaper for them?