Earn an Extra $1 for Every Ride on Lyft


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To thank you for referring new drivers, we're launching a limited-time program: Refer a Los Angeles driver, and you'll both get an extra $1 bonus on every one of their first 100 rides in their first 30 days, up to $100. Yep, you and your referral will start reaping the benefits on ride number one.


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They should just stick to their hourly guarantees and PDB's and leave the crappy incentives to Uber. But in all honesty, Uber is looking better and better thanks to their metal incentives. This is one gimmick Lyft should take from Uber's playbook.


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because lyft needs more money, so they cant offer as many incentives as the top company.
well we don't really know how much they have but they can limit the number of drivers by selecting them like they did with the hourlies.

Doing some kind of better tier incentive would attract more drivers and do some kind of marketing to better attract pax.

But lyft seems content with what they are doing now. Like just being status quo to get their big payday.