Early morning payoff


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Around 5:30 am I got pinged for a 72 minute scheduled trip with an 18 minute pickup.

Rider was headed to a clinic in West Rogers Park. 95% expressway driving. I offered to bring him home depending on time. A manager tole me 10 am and offered to call me prior to placing the complimentary Uber call for his patient (through Uberhealth/UberMed).

More than enough time for breakfast. First choice, Golden Nugget on Lawrence, was not open at 7:30 am. No sign about modified hours on the door. I'm afraid the chain is all but belly-up. They reduced all their hours just weeks before Covid hit. Good heavens, did I really pay $13 for a 3-egg omelet? (at Ann Sathers). For that money I should at least have held out for some blintzes.

I did give the patient a ride back, too. So $120 for a modified round trip.

Just in time to drive to a small town near home. I parked, walked a few blocks, snuk* in the back door, and allowed a man to do evil, wicked, criminal things to me in secret for $20. But that's okay, Mayor Stink-eye got a haircut not long ago and she's still widely respected.

*Yeah I know