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Early morning 9:11 text from uber


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Did anyone else get this text in Chicago anywhere. 8 a.m. is too early to receive a text an advertising text telling me there's a surge ontent://media/external/file/1726

I got an automated response its a computer thing contact them to opt out. Just found out that it is really early morning ones I generally don't get to sleep till about 5 in morning


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I'd try contacting Gary.
He's out of Palm Springs, CA.

If you get really lucky, he'll put you in touch with Zane.


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Thanks for the advice. I'll be dealing with a charge I don't need to deal with Gary or Zayn. I've come to the decision that I'm dealing with one large computer error. All the caring the lack of caring the sarcastic remarks the inappropriate tax all being done to us by computer glitch. The rate card the government wanted more taxes. It's just a computer that has run amok at least I won't have to see it at the Christmas party

Dealing with a judge not charge
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