EAF Sunday crew... I drank 100% of my Uber bonus away edition


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And here I am, manned up and working the morning.

I had a great time last night. It's nice to actually get to go to a festival as a patron, and not targeting it as a driver. The lineup was Epic, the beer was cold oh, the weather was perfect, and the eye candy was a plenty.

Good luck to everybody today grinding away. Whether it's in LA, Orange County, the desert, or wherever else your honey hole happens to be located


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It was a ska show. A little something like this, I happen to be listening to it right now in the car

Who are these performers? Never heard of them. What genre of music is this?

Have fun driving. I’m getting ready for a mid day brunch party in the core. Sure to be some great eye candy there. It’s the main reason I’m going. :coolio:


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LOL at that lineup!

Can't believe Mighty Mighty Bosstones weren't there

2 years ago I saw the ORIGINAL Misfits live at the Forum

When I left I turned on Uber ... and I met up with the passengers and took them to Pomona all Surged out

We passed by the Glass House and it was melancholy to me because that's where I'd seen my first show.... VOODOO GLOW SKULLS

It was the Punk Show to End all Punk shows....