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Dumbest Things Passengers Do.

Discussion in 'Stories' started by johnydynamic, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. People expect way too much.

    Good way to get smacked.
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  2. Fuzzyelvis


    Funny. I was about to say the same thing, then read yours.

    Usually I find they're not IN the road until I try to pull over. Then they wander out right in the way. It's as if its planned to annoy.

    Then they get pissed because I wave them back.
  3. EphLux


    Dont ever pick up Pool calls. Drive to their pickup location. Roll up windows, lock doors. Cancel when exactly time expires. Drive away slowly after making sure they are not near your car.
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  4. djnsmith7


    Bay Area
    I don't drive anymore, but the most annoying part of the driving experience for me was answering the same questions fifteen times a day. That alone was enough to motivate me to look elsewhere. In hindsight, that part of the job wasn't fun. In the past five years, I've used ridesharing services twice. I'm glad I didn't ask either of the drivers stupid questions.

    If a new pax were to ask me for advice, that would be it: Don't ask stupid questions. I would tell them their driver was probably asked the same questions fourteen times before they were going to ask them. How would you feel if people asked you the same questions fifteen times per day while you were at work?

    Outside of a customer service / call center environment, it would be annoying.

    I came close to putting up a laminated sheet of paper on the glove box and in the second row that answered those questions. I still think I should have.

    1. Do you do this full-time?
    2. Do you go to school?
    3. How long have you been driving?
    4. Do you like the work?
    5. Does it pay well?
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  5. “Pull up a little further.” Then 4 inches later, “OK STOP STOP STOP RIGHT HERE.”

    You couldn’t have jumped out 4 inches back there when I stopped before?
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  6. I get this all the time.

    Every time I think it must be a few housee down then I have to hold back from laughing when they stop me a few feet later.
  7. Idiots.
  8. Gilby


    Wausau, WI
    I get it. But it doesn't bother me a bit. My small market has many riders who are using rideshare for the first time. Their curiosity is not unusual and I am happy to have something to talk about.
  9. Same. I’d rather tell every passenger how long I’ve been driving and what my other job is and where I’m from, and get the chance to ask them questions to hear their story as well, instead of sitting there in silence bored out of my head.
  10. If you attempt in anyway to communicate with me that isn’t me seeing the words come out of your mouth


    I don’t need that crap
  11. Another thing that drives me insane. Why do I have to ask every single passenger “So. Uh. It’s on the corner here or....?”

    Like how hard is it to say “Hey once you turn left, my place is the blue building on the right hand side”.
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  12. jawjaw


    When they give you exact directions on their 2 mile ride. I’m pretty sure I can figure it out and get you there. I hate when someone tells me what route to take especially on these short rides. Or when they tell you to just make a u turn on a street where it’s not allowed.
  13. Christinebitg


    If they don't know the answer, it's not a stupid question, no matter how many people have asked you that question before.

    Hasn't anyone ever taught you how to be pleasant by making small talk?

    If answering that question feels intrusive to you, perhaps you'd be better suited for a job that doesn't include any contact with the public.

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  14. I had an elderly man open the door and start to get out before I could even come to a complete stop. About gave me a heart attack. That’s all I need is for him to fall...the poor guy was already missing a chunk of his nose from cancer.
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  15. Christinebitg


    I've had similar experiences with people who are younger.

    I think that people are losing the ability to understand these big mechanical devices. I think they've forgotten how to get on and off of elevators too.
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  16. mrpjfresh


    Asheville, NC
    This is your winner folks. Absolutely moronic behavior. Add to that what bk8746bk8746 mentioned above about
    hopping out while the vehicle is still in motion or obliviously throwing the rear driver side door open with passing traffic (even after asking to exit on the right). If I were a full time operator, I'd have the child lock for that door wired to a button on my window controls.

    Another stupid thing pax do is leaving (or trying anyway) to leave an anchor in the car to get you to stay. I've heard of things on here as egregious as actual children!
  17. I had a girl open the car door, throw her purse inside, and say “I need to go to Starbucks next door quick, I’ll be right back”.

    She’s very lucky I’m a trustworthy person and didn’t drive off. Who the heck puts their purse in some stranger’s car and walks away?!
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  18. Kurt Halfyard

    Kurt Halfyard Moderator Author

    1am Ping in Suburbs of Toronto:

    PAX: "Do you have room for a Queen Sized Mattress?"

    ME: "I'm in a subcompact hatchback. You might want to try XL, but really you should rent a Van in the morning."

    (At least PAX cancelled and I got the $5 fee, as our conversation chewed up the 2 minute grace period.)
  19. Christinebitg


    Some day, she will wonder why it gets stolen. She'll blame it on the restaurant where it happened.
  20. Literally right now this dude asked to stop at 7-11, I was gonna take off but he left his backpack in the car. Who are these people?!

    Sure. I’d love to stop and wait for you during rush hour. It’ll be my pleasure
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