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Drunken passenger didn't give a destination until I insisted


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A valuable lesson I learned on this board came in handy last Saturday night: get destinations from drunken people as soon as possible in the ride.

I picked up a couple at a bar in the Marina District, which is like the Castro for straight people -- lots of drunken hooking up. The man was very drunk, had not entered a destination, and when I asked him for one, he simply mentioned the South of Market neighborhood. Then he said to his date that he had made a reservation for them at a hotel. He told me, "The Maker. Go to the Maker."

I looked it up, and there's no "Maker" hotel or restaurant or bar in the Bay Area. I said this, and he answered "Yes there is" (drunkenly).

After we had driven about ten blocks in the direction of South of Market, and he still hadn't given me an address, I pulled the car over, turned around, and said, "How can I help?"

The woman was sitting there with a sort of desperate smile, as if she were determined to just smile through this experience. The man continued to poke at his phone. Finally he gave me a street address, not in the South of Market neighborhood at all. I drove there -- it was a hotel called the Marker, not "Maker" -- and dropped them off, grateful that he had not gotten sick in the car.

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