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Drunk vometing in car ? How much does uber charge ?


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Make sure you keep sick bags in your car. You can buy them at the discount chemists for a few bucks for a pack.

And don't rely on pax to tell you they are feeling unwell. If I have a pax who's drunk and I think there's any chance of them being sick, I diplomatically tell them to please let me know if they don't feel well as I have sick bags. If they're travelling with a friend I usually pass a sick bag to the friend and ask them to keep watch so they don't get stung by a $200 cleaning fee.


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Max 150 capped price even they wommit all the seats roof and flore doesn't matter capped to 150$ try to get cash if you can from pax.

Apperantly uber charged 170 $ to pax for the wommit he did in my car and uber paid me 150$ Even cleaning cost me 200$ had receipt prof and the pictures.