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Drunk life partners with an unusual destination

Discussion in 'Stories' started by renbutler, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. renbutler


    Indy North Suburbs
    (Indy is a pretty quiet and laid-back market, so this is the best story I've had so far. I'm sure it pales in comparison to the rest of your stories. But it was unusual for me.)

    I picked up a guy last night, and he asked me to drive forward about 50 yards to pick up another guy. Thankfully, he knew the other guy. Apparently, it was his partner.

    The second guy didn't see us pull up, so my first passenger asked me to roll down the window and yell at him because "he's so stupid."

    By the time the second guy hopped in, I realized that both guys were quite drunk (at 7 p.m.). The first guy started telling me which way to drive the 3-mile route, even though the GPS was already telling me where to go. Every 100 feet or so, the first guy kept saying (politely) "Stay in this lane. Stay in this lane. Stay in this lane."

    Eventually, we pulled up to their residence -- which was a funeral home. As they departed the car, the first guy offered me his leftover food (I declined). The other guy, who had hardly said a word, tossed a $20 bill in my front passenger seat. (I did NOT decline.)

    That was fun.
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  2. TwoFiddyMile


    "We work with stiffs".

    $20 tip is always a good read. Well done.
  3. Jam Val

    Jam Val

    Sounds like a scene out of Six Feet Under! That was a great show.
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  4. Gretzky


    Los Angeles
    Sounds like a routine ride here in LA on any given day, minus the $20 DOH!
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  5. Had a $20 tip the other night i pick up these guys from a hotel their friend got married and they had me sitting there for 20 mins while in 2.8x surge trying to figure out what strip club to go to so they couldn't figure it out and paid me for wasting me time and asked me to come back 30 mins later to take them somewhere with going thru uber not gonna happen
  6. Another Uber Driver

    Another Uber Driver Moderator

    See avatar
    At the end of the day, you had their money, twice: once for the fare, once for the tip. This means that you won.
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