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Drunk guy touched my steering wheel while fumbling for radio or AC controls


Picked up a group of 4 extremely drunk passengers from a bar. It was raining and one kept putting the window down in the back and I kept putting it up telling him "Its raining bro, I got leather seats. Gotta keep it closed."

He then tells me "But I beefed man! You wanna smell my beef?"

I shoulda thrown em out right there. I thought he was saying he was going to throw up. But he clarified that all he did was fill my car with ass gas. Which he did and it @@@@ing stunk.


I locked the windows. Turned the AC up.

Now they tell me I'm going the wrong way, so I listen to them when they tell me to turn. They tell me to turn the wrong way. I get back on track.

Either the music is too loud or the AC is too cold because the guy in the front seat is now grasping at my dash board, touching shit at random. I ask him "What do you need? What do you need? Whats up? Dont touch" I finally have to grab his wrist. He pulls out of my hand and puts his fingers on my steering wheel. I grab his wrist again and dont say a word. I just stare at him. He puts his hands in his lap. His head lolls to the side toward the window.

I get them home. They are talking about smoking a J in the garage. I'm fine with that, just get out of my car. 1 gets out. 2 gets out. 1 gets back in. Front passenger gets out. Walks toward the guy in the back who got out.

"Whats up guys? We're here. Lets go."

Front guy gets back in.

"Whats going on?"

Mumble mutter mumble.

"Guys we are here. Everybody out."

The rain is coming down.

1 says to the others "I think we want to go to...."

"The ride is over guys. I ended the trip. We are done. Get out. Now"


"Get - Out - Of - My - Car."

The End.

Reported to Uber just now.