Drunk FoolBer Driver...


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This actually happened in Riverside but I'm posting here because the Riverside thread is dead to much action. It's just a quick share to entertain. A few months ago I picked up a nice girl at a downtown bar. She was chatty, so we chatted. The night before, she told me, she had ordered a ride. She was, that night, very drunk. She got into her uBer and felt very unstable. "The car was totally swerving all over the place," she reminisced. "At first I thought it was just me," she added. "Then I saw the red lights behind us." The cops ended up arresting the driver on a DUI. "At first he tried to tell them we were together, that we were just going home. The cops were like, 'but your'e an uber driver,' and he was like, 'no I'm not,' and they were like, 'you have a big U in your windshield and you have an uber app on your dash.' And he was like, 'well, she made me do it.' Then he pointed at me."

The cops ended up giving her a ride home.


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But wait "I'm drunk , I shouldn't Uber"
Oh what the hell
It's just my side gig anyway
Let me just be an independent driver
That's the spirit