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Drunk dudes

Discussion in 'Philadelphia' started by RED A, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. RED A

    RED A

    When is enough enough ..Drunk dudes loud music cursing and screaming like they have turrets syndrome can I put them out..New to uber help..
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  2. Cathi


    Penn Valley
    Hell yeah.
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  3. heck yeah. i have no problem with kicking dushbags out of my car. i ussually give them 3 seconds, after which i will dial 911 and report car hijacking. and i am not kidding with them.

    before alerting them that you have intention of kicking them out. first get yourself prepared to physical, psychological attack. turn your face to them. do not tell them that they are kicked out and not looking at them. ussually dooshabgs hav psychological problems and hate confronting someone who is looking at them.
    i usually turn around and say in simple manner, no emotion: "Ride is over, now you need to leave my vehicle" if they start saying things, you say: "You have about 3 seconds before I call cops".

    when they leave, observe everything. also be prepared for them to kick your car, etc. if they do kick your car, come outside, and if damage exists, record. do not move. call police and file vandalism. just be prepared.

    oh yeah, most important. cancel the ride before they can rate....

    may be someone can chip in if i am wrong. thanks
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  4. Limovan


    :rolleyes:looks like you covered everything..
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  5. RED A

    RED A

    Thanks appreciate that....will DO!!!

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