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So, a few months ago around 2:30am in Nashville, I had a pax step into my car from a frat at Vanderbilt University (I can hear the Nashville drivers laughing at me already). I could see he was clearly intoxicated. Oh. And he stunk to high Heaven. He says to me "Hey man, when we get there, I left my...keys...at the house. I just need to pick them up". Being 2:30am and having basically no working brain cells left, I failed to notice that he hesitated before he said 'keys'. I took him to the location where he met with a guy. An uneasy feeling hits me, but I disregard it. He gets back in and asks that I take him to Rippy's on Broadway. He enters the location and we're off. Every now and then I look over at my passengers that sit in the front seat, just to make sure they haven't passed out or passed away. When I did, the pax had a plastic baggie and a credit card, and was snorting a substance from it. Brain cells wake up, and I quickly realize that it's cocaine. This human stain thought it was okay to just start ripping fat rails in my front seat. I started getting angry. I asked if it was cocaine, and he replied "Yeah..?" As if he assumed that was just okay. I immediately pulled over, and with maybe 1/10th of brain cells firing, I proceeded to put this guy on blast, telling him to get out. Seeming a bit frightened by this, he exited the vehicle and I left him on a sidewalk. I gave him one star and reported him as soon as I could to Uber.

Now, I know this wasn't the best way to handle this. I should have held my cool a bit better. In this situation, what should I do? I debated calling the cops the next day, but it would have been too late to file a report. Probably would have been a good idea to right then and there, given he left some in my front seat, leaving me to have to vacuum it out.


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Glad you 1*'d him, had a similar situation except it involved what I believe to be heroin

These kind of trips always tend to start off the same way, and it can be hard to tell if it's legit or not, it's always a round trip (or similar), its to some apartment complex or shady house, and the pax always look or act shady or suspicious

This happened a while back so it's sort of hazy, but I go to pick up a pax, he comes out and awkwardly greets me

Pax: "So, how are you doing?"

Me: "Pretty good, hbu?"

Pax: "I'm f******ed up" *extending the expletive*

This repeats about two more times, I should probably mention that in the meantime, I have already confirmed and started by this point, I'm pretty sure by the expletive, he means he's having withdraw symptoms... Strike 1

He says "hey, I'm not sure if I'm going to stay at my friend's place (his supposed destination), can you wait and if I do stay, I'll just signal you", I confirm I'll wait, not sure exactly what's going on, we get to the destination, he gets out and disappears, I wait, he then comes out with what looks like a balled up piece of aluminum foil and possibly a sharp (syringe), I'm not too entirely sure I saw a sharp, but I believe he had one, we continue on our way back... strike 2

He moves around a lot in the backseat and I try to act as if I didn't notice anything, though I couldn't help but cringe at the thought that he could be swinging an uncapped sharp back there, that could possibly find it's way through my skin :eek:, but I mention one thing, who knows what could happen, he has something that could possibly be used as a weapon, he could harm/kill me, my car, himself, put me in hot legal hot water, who knows what, better to keep my mouth shut and get the trip done asap

He then asks "hey, you got a lighter?", um, seriously, who asks their Uber driver for a lighter? Pax shouldn't even smoke in an Uber, and that would be the only benign use for one (in a car that is), no way I'm going to let him cook his "boy" (heroin) in my backseat, so I reply "nope, sorry, no lighter", he then asks "oh, ok, can you stop by a gas station then?"... Strike 3, stop one was definitely a drug deal

I play dumb and say "Sure", my hope being if he's going to shoot up, he'll do it in the restroom and not in my car, he's going to do it anyway, might as well be in a gas station restroom where I'm not involved

We get to a Speedway and he gets out and I wait (his backpack was still in my car), I see him in line to buy the lighter and I guess he ran into one of his buddies there as I saw him give a "bro hug" to someone, more time passes yet I don't see him actually purchasing a lighter or going to the restroom, later he comes out, grabs his backpack and says "I'm just going to stay here, you can go", he goes back inside and as I pull away, I end the trip and 1* his @$$

Now I should probably mention, I live in a city known to have an opioid epidemic, this post was written in two parts as I was at the Airport staging lot and got a ping, completely unrelated to the story above, I had the following conversation with the pax that interrupted this post

Pax: "So, do you like Columbus? (It was her first time to Columbus and Ohio in general)

Me: "Eh... Kiiind of"

Pax: "Yeah, if you been somewhere your whole life, you probably want a change" (I told her earlier that I lived in Columbus most of my life and was born near Dayton in Kettering)

Me: "Yeah, I guess when you live somewhere long enough, you tend to know about things you wish you didn't"

Pax: "Oh yeah, there's an opioid epidemic here isn't there?" (I didn't even provoke the comment, just my distaste for Columbus and even more so for the entire state)

Me: "Yep"
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Lol Mikedamirault

Columbus is really that bad? I was there a few weeks ago on vacation and it was pretty pleasant.

then again, with OSU so close by I can already tell how many frat kids and druggies probably occupy your seats at night.


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Lol Mikedamirault

Columbus is really that bad? I was there a few weeks ago on vacation and it was pretty pleasant.

then again, with OSU so close by I can already tell how many frat kids and druggies probably occupy your seats at night.
It is indeed that bad, who knows, you probably talked to a heroin addict while you were here and didn't even know it

I know many people personally that is either an addict or recovering addict of some sort of opiate, wether it be heroin, vicodin, codeine, morphine, oxycontin, etc.

And if that's not enough, here's a report from WBNS 10tv (local CBS affiliate), though it mentions Ohio more as a whole than just Columbus


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Your no brain cells left issues could have been resolved and you could have easily have driven another 4 hours. BUT NOOOOOoOO you went and kicked him out!



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I actually had a same experience, except they asked if I sold or knew how to get cocaine. Before I knew it they were taking hits in my backseat. They basically took uber so they had a place to do that before they went on with their night. When the pax got out, he handed me 50.00 as a "tip". I also had to vacuum as it was all over my seat.