Drug deals


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"Jack" the driver is a twit, he says the drug dealer in the back of the car has his details & number plate etc . So why go on the NEWS ????

If I got a dealer doing drug deals from my car during an Uber ride the last thing I would do is hand the video over to 7 news & let them put it on the internet & broadcast it on the television...

I suspect I've driven a few pax to pick up something dodgy but I haven't done deliveries like this guy :confused:

I suppose its a bit hard to say, "You're a dealer gtfo of my car" he'd probably pull out a weapon & say 'hmm how about you get out' :cool:


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Lol and this is different from doing it in a taxi how?
Any sale of illegal drugs through any transport means is illegal, the driver in a private vehicle knowingly participated and can technically be prosecuted. Taxi's have certain safety measures that Uber will never have, their not worried about a star rating and will use the distress code while driving you straight to the authorities (theoretically)