Drove for the first time the other night...


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Decides to give this uber a try. Worked 4 hours on Friday and made some good cash. No complaints it was actually a pretty good time. Luckily for me I don't mind drunk University kids.

I have a few questions:

What's a non weekend evening like?
Is the airport a good place to hang around if you know flights are coming in?
Any other tips and advice for Hamilton would be good to know.
Weekday evenings are hella slower than weekends.
technically we aren't allowed to pick up at the airport and there are cases where security will even ask you to leave. Finger on the nose for that one.
Tips for hamilton, be prepared for a grind. This isnt a get rich quick scheme. bring some ziplock bags for those uni students!


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Yeah... The airport isn't great in my opinion.
I've grabbed more rides from the airport to the bus station 5 mins away on Upper James. In fact I have picked up more staff from the airport than passengers.

A lot of people flying out of Hamilton are flying the ultra low cost carriers.
They're not paying $40-50 for an Uber. Plus parking is pretty cheap compared to TO

Weekend nights are mediocre. You're gonna really have to grind the student ghetto to make any money most nights or sit in the burbs and use your destination to hopefully a late ride to Pearson.