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Dropping Essex County Riders

Do incentives really make you earn more or just compensate for downtime?

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So what’s the deal with bratty milenials wanting to go into the city all the time? Why are they acting like grown ups when they’re still living with mom and dad or 3 other roommates? What’s up with pax throwing tantrums? Why no tips? What’s up with the streets in Newark, East Orange and Irvington? What happened to manners? Why they look so angry? What’s all the huffing and puffing when you get a match on pool? Didn’t you ask for it? Got candy? Got water? 3 kids really? Why do I feel like I’m paying to support them with my hard earned taxed dollars!?

Disgusting cheap pax are milking the life out of drivers. Uber sits idle because they’re making their money regardless. Drivers are likely to be referred to as working ants by top execs. They keep recruiting!!!



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Hey, at least you're making enough money to actually be taxed! Aside from that, the "disgusting cheap pax" aren't the ones who are killing you; the fish rots from its head.