Dropped Requests and Customer Charge


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I have been having this issue lately where I accept a request and drive to the passenger location; the passenger is notified of my arrival and gets in the car. When I attempt to start the trip, the request is no more and I am receiving pings from other riders while I have a passenger in the car. Interestingly enough, I found out that Uber is charging pax the base fare, which it $5 for my area everything this occurs. However, in my trip history log, those trips are displayed as folllow:

Date Duration Mileage Fare Status
September 00, 00 0:00 PM EDT – – $0.00 Canceled
September 00, 00 0:00 PM EDT – – $0.00 Canceled
September 00, 00 0:00 PM EDT – – $0.00 Canceled

Has anybody have such experience? if yes, how did you handle or get it resolved?
Also, do you have get complain from pax that they are double charged for the same ride? I am just curious to know what happen to those charges?


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Get ready to battle it out with the dreaded Customer Service Reps (CSR's as we call 'em).
Go to the trip ID on the partners.uber.com portal and then e-mail [email protected] and let them know what they need to adjust.

As for why this could be happening, aside from Uber's weird platform, have you tried restarting your phone before you start your shift? Phones will be phones.

Try checking your signal every now and then. If you're picking up pax where there is spotty coverage, the server will think you went offline.

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yeap, need to get to emailing them

but the app should notifiy when the current ride is canceled mid trip
pull over instantly when that happens...