Driving uberselect?


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Is it worth buying a luxury car? Are you staying busy? It looks like you can make a lot better money but is there a real market here in Portland, OR for it? If you are an Uberselect driver, I'd really like your opinion.


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No. Honestly, I'm finding that the only way to make real money is to get an older (5 years) Prius. Once everything is considered, our mileage rate comes to about 10 cents. Keep your expenditures low.


I was auto-enrolled in Select and didn't even realize it until I checked my trip history. My car is a 2010, the oldest acceptable year.

14 reviews, all five stars. 52% requests accepted. 3% trips canceled (I was in another app and then Uber popped up and I accidently accepted).
Total trips: 32- 1 canceled (surging) because rider put in wrong pickup address. 1 canceled because rider got in car and asked to be taken to canceled Blazers game. 28 (5 surge 23 non-) UberX completed. 2 SELECT completed. Select is pretty sweet when there's a request because it's like getting paid a 2.3x surge even when the area is not surging. The riders are also less likely to be rambunctious.

IF the car you were going to buy is a premium UX vehicle (Subaru Outback Limited, Buick Regal, VW Passat) then I would pay the extra $3K to get the SELECT car (Buick Lacrosse, Volkswagen CC). If you weren't planning on replacing your car or if you were planning on buying something economical like a Kia or Ford Fusion then it definitely is not worth it for SELECT alone.