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I drive in Chicago, but I'm going to California at the end of August. I'll be in LA for a few weeks then in the bay area for another 10 days or so. I won't be back until early Sept. I'll be there to screen a short film I've produced that got admitted into a few film festivals. I'm on a pretty strict budget and I was wondering if it might be possible to drive for Uber while I'm out there for extra cash?

I'm flying n and out so I won't have my car. I'll have a rental. does anyone know if I can set up the rental with uber and use it to make couple bucks while I'm out west?



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I believe that Chicago drivers only have reciprocity driving in Indiana. Contact the mother ship to apply to drive in LA.


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For the rental car, you'll want to check the rental agreement. It may specifically forbid commercial use.
And just as importantly, make sure your insurance is all lined up!


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California is similar to new york.

You need to reapply with Uber for California.

You need a California drivers license.

You need California plates.

You need ride share insurance.

After all that you'll be accepted

Jimmy Bernat

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Sign up with Lyft, the app will allow you to work in other markets just know you're riding dirty, Lyft's insurance won't cover you out of state.
Rental car makes it even harder as you're going to be driving the wrong car on the platform, a pax will report you and you'll get deactivated