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Lyft has shortened the driving time from 14 hours of being online to 12 hours. Does this effect anyone that drives Lyft full time?


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nope not at all . i used to be on that road 14 or so hours a day but i always had 3 or 4 more hours to drive . I really dont think uber tracks that timer .I Know people at the airport that drive 100 plus hours a week they told me they uninstall there app and reinstall it to restart the timer . If it still works ? idk that was a year ago


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I just find it weird how Uber and Lyft track their driving time differently.

For lyft, anytime online counts towards your 12 hour time. Regardless if you have pax in the vehicle.

For Uber, driving time is only tracked when pax is in the car. In theory, you can be online for 23 hours straight(with no pax) on uber, but it won't count towards the 14 hour limit.

That's backwards to me...

I effects me because I only do airport runs. Since they took off 2 hours, that's one ride less I can do a day. That's $20+ loss each weekday...

Oh well...

Boca Ratman

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The timer stops once you haven't moved for 2 minutes
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I had a few errands and a few lyft trips. I left the app on while doing lyft.

One uber ride lasted15ish minutes .
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If one MUST drive over 12 hours in a day then why not use the Lyft app for 12 hours then switch to Uber when Lyft forces you to take a break?