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Driving Richmond/San Pablo area


Have been driving mornings in Richmond/San Pablo area where it’s been surging regularly nowadays, and wanted to share my experience.

Most rides during surge are short rides to local schools and BART, and it’s not bad for $5 surge. Pings do get slow when the surge is high at $7 (it even goes to $11 regularly) but still worth it though.

I like driving here. Most riders are people of color, definitely blue collar, and since I only accept riders over 4.8 rating, it’s been all good. Still learning good places to stage.


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I grew up in Richmond.
Lived west of 13th street for years.
Moved 'uptown' to 32nd and Maricopa and went to Dover Jr High as a preteen and teen.
Richmond Union High on 23rd street (the old red brick building).
Had to go to the bathroom with a few of your big friends or you'd get your ass beat - because of the color of your skin.

A very racist (and dangerous) town, even back then.
No fond memories of Richmond.

Learned how to run, and fight (in that order).

I don't even like driving through it on 80.
It is a pisshole - keep it.