Driving Lake Tahoe NV Side


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I've heard my neighbor say he makes $500/day driving in Tahoe on NV side during the week. Is this true? I seldom get rides to Tahoe & never pick up a fair while I'm there. Are weekends better?

kc ub'ing!

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He’s lying! Too many ants! You can do well on big event days: 4th, Sno-globe, big concerts(the Fish shows we’re killer) but on a day to day basis, too few riders.


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The fares are higher in Tahoe ($1.44/mi vs $0.87/mi), but the lack of pickups on the CA side and slow speed IMO make it worse than Reno. Speed limit is like 35 MPH and there are like 2-3 stoplights per mile. Especially with the non-existence of Surge. Back before they got rid of surge, (for the most part), I'd sometimes do better in Tahoe because it used to surge more in Tahoe than in Reno

Based on how much I made on Friday night in Tahoe, extrapolating that out to the 16 hour maximum on Uber... there was no way I could have possibly made $500 even if I worked all 16 hours. Last Friday I was in Tahoe but I've been in Reno for the 5 or so fridays before that and I can definitely tell you I would have made more in Reno.

But things change and sometimes you just get lucky or unlucky with ant-rider ratio.


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You can make 2k an hour in Tahoe. I suggest everyone goes up there. I will keep an eye on Reno while you are gone.