Driving in Lynchburg or do I make the trip & drive in Roanoke on weekends (I barely know the area)


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Maybe this seems like an odd request/question -- I have never cancelled/denied one trip -- drove and have 4.57 rating -- don't even begin to understand why ?? I have 24 - 5 Starctrips with one written *Brag* compliment stating 'I rock!' I am never late -- keep H2o in my car car is a 2014 Mazda 3 super super clean, smells amazing, baskets with mints -- I offer chargers for phones, always offer to provide them music of their choice or no music at all -- their preference -- I thank them for choosing UBER and let each rider know, "It's my pleasure to get to your destination safely" -- 42% accepted rides, with 0% trips cancelled -- mind you I only usually drive Wed.-Sat., nights and have never received more than 3-5 pings (rider requests) a night here in Lynchburg, Madison Heights, Rustburg area and the MOST I have ever grossed weekly has been $ 122.00 -- to me this is 'not good' Along with very discouraging -- sighs. I constantly get emails from UBER letting me know I need to 'improve my rating or run the risk of being unable to drive' This upsets me greatly as I am an EXCELLENT driver -- driving for 23 years without ever having a single ticket or warning ever -- no accidents and pristine driving record -- just frustrated -- Do I start driving to Roanoke every weekend and drive there to make fares since Lynchburg is not a viable market or over saturated ??? I sit for hours waiting on a ping some Friday nights -- it is a sad state of affairs -- lol sad yet true -- Am I able to drive in Roanoke ?? Please, offer some advice, input, suggestions (no hating on me for being naive & new) please offer some guidance -- Thank you in advance !!!!



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A 4.57 is really really low. I've a 4.89 after 7k+ trips. First of all get rid of the water and mints. You're spending money on it and gaining nothing in return but trash to pick up. I also never let my passengers choose music or offer aux cords, bluetooth, etc. though those are things that don't cost money and you won't be hurt by doing them. My car is also frequently pretty dirty as I'm having hundreds of people in and out a week tracking muddy feet.

I'd strongly recommend staying in an area that you know as the thing I hear passengers complain the most about are drivers who don't know where they are going. Uber GPS sucks so if you don't know what you're doing, you're definitely going to have issues. I've no clue on Lynchburg as I've never driven there but am in Blacksburg. You are welcome to drive anywhere in the state but again, I'd stay in places you know until you get your rating up significantly. I do see surges in Roanoke on the weekends and I know they also occur in Richmond but the rates are way lower there. Also, if your passenger isn't out in the 5 minutes, cancel. Those types of passengers are the kind who don't value you and are least likely to rate you well. Ignore second requests from that location as you will definitely be rated poorly by them after cancelling.

Why is your acceptance rte only 42%? I am very picky on how far I will drive for a pickup and won't pick up from certain locations (places it's hard to legally stop and huge parties) but hover between 80 and 90%


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I live in Roanoke, and it rarely surges anymore. If it does it isn't for long or not high enough to make it worthwhile. Like MOST markets Roanoke is saturated with drivers. Ginseng gave some good advice above, 4.57 is very low I am at 4k trips and my rating is 4.88 and I don't believe it has ever been below 4.82. The water and mints need to go, thanking them for choosing Uber is cheesy. If you are getting out to open the door for them scratch it. I always feel them out, if they seem fun and talkative I will chat with them, if they don't then I will let them be.