Driving in Chicago


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I live in Valparaiso, but work in Chicago. I want to drive in Chicago, but Uber tells me I can only register in one city. So if I change my city to Chicago, does that mean I can’t drive in Indiana anymore?

Sharon Rides

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I live in Valparaiso and have been a full time driver in Chicago for 1.5 years. You need to register your vehicle in Chicago. You will be able to accept rides in NWI and anywhere else within a 100 mile radius of downtown Chicago. If you're going to do rideshare I would recommend registering with both Uber and Lyft to maximize earnings. Good luck to you.


@Sharon Rides you mean my car registration has to be registered in Illinois address/residence?

@Bwtwlw did you get that worked out and if so how is that working out for you now?

I'm considering moving to NW Indiana area. Thank you guys.