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Driving full time


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Just curious how those oftou are doing driving full time. I’m thinking of going that way and was looking for advice


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Safety first.
Keep all your receipts and mileage.
Keep a maintenance record. Yearly inspections won't be enough.

Mista T

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Spend an hour reading thru this forum before you decide.

This job is terrific as part time.

This job sucks azz as full time.


I would’ve been far less happier than I am now if I hadn’t added restaurant delivery apps to the gig-mix. I don’t find Uber/Lyft by themselves to be all that lucrative. Some of these perennial cheerleaders that you’ll find in these forums are oddly drone like and somehow stay with the people delivery biz by itself. I think some of them are industry plants that the platforms employ to keep the conversation moving in a relatively Pro vs Con manner.

Take it all with a grain of salt. This work will make you detroy your car and leave you at the mercy of a ratings system that adult passengers (children) use for the sake of petty vengeance. Keep in mind that you’ve established a hard-out for yourself. 6 months. 1 Year. 2 years. Plan you exit.