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Driving for rideshare while eating cheap and staying healthy.

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Healthy Driving Habits, Oct 6, 2018.

By Healthy Driving Habits on Oct 6, 2018 at 2:41 PM
  1. It's tough taking care of yourself when you sit in a car for 40 to 70 hours a week. If a person does not take preventative measures now, this unhealthy behavior can eventually catch up to them. I believe there are three primary things we can do to overall better our health and live a happier, more productive life.

    Our body needs:
    • Sleep
    • Nutrition
    • Exercise
    These three needs are easily overlooked when one is stressed and tired from working. We don't realize that not handling business in these departments actually makes everything else much more difficult. There is no shortcut when it comes to taking care of the body. Energy drinks, caffeine, and supplements are quick fixes for now, but will only bring greater problems in the long run.

    I want to share with you my favorite way to eat healthy for an affordable price, while still getting the proper nutrition that my body needs. What's more, is that it doesn't have to take much time and you will get some exercise while you are at it.

    I like to go to several markets around my town. There are various grocers, of different types in any given city. You can almost always guarantee there is one relatively close by no matter where you are. I find that in twenty minutes I’m able to stop and eat a healthy meal for $5.


    One of my favorite things to do is to get a sandwich from the deli counter. Now if you are at Whole Foods you might pay $7 for the same sandwich you would find at a deli counter, but even Whole Foods can feed you for around a few bucks. While I'm shopping there, I might get an orange, a high protein yogurt and then have a few cups of free water. Total bill sometimes is only $2, and that's organic! Throw in a pastry from the bakery if you want, and you're still under $5. If it's a little cold outside I'll have a bowl of soup. The point is, if you're at a grocery store the options are endless!


    Trader Joe's has loads of pre packaged foods for $5 and under. Often I’ll grab a free sample of coffee while I’m there. A little coffee is good for you they say, right? :). Not so much consuming an entire pot of coffee a day, or two Frappuccinos, however. That would have a very adverse effect on your health and would heavily disrupt your sleep patterns.

    How about the chicken caesar salad available at the costco food court for $4? No membership required. If you have a membership, take a lap around the store while you are there for the samples.

    Be careful to avoid eating heavy meals which are digestive challenges. Large portions of heavy foods will us slow down and deplete our energy. Ever wonder why we feel lethargic and desire a nap shortly after consuming a heavy meal? Digestion can be like running a hard race for our bodies. Don’t believe me? Take your pulse before you eat. Then take it again twenty minutes after. If you go to Costco and spend $4 on a giant piece of pizza, or a hot dog and further consume unlimited soda, you might think you are getting a good deal, but I can guarantee you won’t be feeling as good twenty minutes later as if you had chosen the caesar salad and water.

    These ideas for nourishment are for drivers on the go. Perhaps the best option for eating on a budget is to bring prepared prior to hitting the road. Make some sandwiches, wraps, or bring along homemade meals packed in Tupperware containers. Also fruits and nuts are excellent options for healthy snacking on the road. Always have some water to stay hydrated. Take a break to get out of the car and stretch the legs, take in some sun if possible, and take some time to get a mental break from the road. There is a reason why meals are legally mandated breaks in the work day. Nutrition is an important source for our mood, energy, and well being.

    What kind of foods do you eat while on the road? Please share your ways of staying healthy, or not ;), in the comments below.

    Co-editor LissettiLissetti


Discussion in 'Articles' started by Healthy Driving Habits, Oct 6, 2018.

    1. metal_orion
      I usually avoid and fast food places specially the cheap ones. I try whole foods when I have a chance or similar places. Also I've been carrying my skateboard so when I get a break I search for skateparks around the area and skate for a while and that might as well count as full work out. The only bad thing is all the sweat so I might carry some towels and an extra shirt next time.
    2. UfeelMe?
      Hello, 1st post ever. I've been doing Uber/Lyft for 2 and a quarter years and have blown lots of money on food while driving. I've rerecently, about 2 months ago, switched to a ketogenic diet and will never go back to a consistent carb based diet. I eat breakfast before I leave my home and have energy and clarity all through the day. I have 12 hour eating intervals and feel great. Best decision I've made in a long time, also no lunch breaks, so I keep driving untill I get home, more money in my pocket.
    3. leroy jenkins
      leroy jenkins
      Homemade trail mix, Raw almonds + raisins or dried apricots or prunes. Individually wrapped string cheese.

      Thermos of tea or coffee. Try to avoid unnecessary carbs.

      Have gum. Leftover food on your teeth rots your teeth/gums.
    4. LolIKnow
      Goals.. Thanks for sharing.
    5. BurgerTiime
      Step 4, quit driving for these app services
    6. UfeelMe?
      Careful! Don't cut yourself with all that edge, EdgyMcEdgester.
    7. vinnyfromstatenisland
    8. Lissetti
      I'm doing the Keto Guido myself....(Guidette):D
    9. Fuzzyelvis
      I don't know where you live, but where I am there are NO legally mandated breaks.
    10. Healthy Driving Habits
      Healthy Driving Habits
      Nice snacks! I know jerky can be good for the road too. I really enjoyed Trader Jos salmon jerky, but they discontinued it.

      Sugar-free gum?

      U.S. federal law has no required breaks. However here is a table from the department of labor that shows state laws.
    11. kdyrpr
      I would say that anybody who does Rideshare for 40-70 hours a week is probably already handicapped and physically/mentally limited to start. Just saying.
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    12. leroy jenkins
      leroy jenkins
      Aldi, if you have them around you, has affordable healthy food, organic stuff, specialty cheeses, regular almonds ($4.39 for 14 oz), cashews, dried apricots, etc. They're everywhere around my area and they have clean bathrooms.

      Dunno how people can afford Whole Foods cuz I see my brother's/sister-in-law's/cousin's Whole Foods receipts. just saying.

      good to be jeff bezos.
    13. 0XDEADBEEF
      I usually just eat at home. I live in San Francisco. So, I can go for.8 hours and not eat. I just have water and Starbucks peets. But, I have sometimes gone to McDonald's, Jack in the box. I noticed my gutline expanding. So, I started running again and working on my cars. When your lying on the concrete all the blood rushes to your head. Good anaerobic exercises. And doing sit-ups to get off concrete help your abs . But imagine uber 45-60 hours . Yeah that can change you. I recently got rashes. From doing too much. It's not healthy.
    14. wallypaulnuts
      buy tuppeware 3# bag of walnuts & wally world sells salmon pouches various flavors for a buck each buy 50 a time

      healthy snackin when you need
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    15. Wizar

      Don't worry Uber will not be here after the ipo, they lost all the money they had accumulated and now they are desperate, how the hell you can have an ipo for a company that never made a single $
      Uber ipo will be not only the demise of this blood sucking parasite but all the unicorns who just can't make money, it feels like the .com boom and bust of the 90 's all over again
    16. Atom guy
      Atom guy
      I stick close to home and eat leftovers from the fridge every day for lunch. I have no idea how drivers are affording to buy lunch out every day. Even $5 a day is at least $100 a month.
    17. mbd
      When you wake up, make your bed
      When you eat, clean your dishes
      When you take shower, clean bathroom
      When you are finished driving for the day, clean your car and fill up the gas

      You do this for 2 weeks, you will automatically do the right thing ...including eatIng
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    18. SurgeMasterMN
      This diet has made me lose weight over the past couple months. You get all the food groups including sugar.

    19. Mahimike
      If I'm gonna be driving more than 4 hrs at a time I pack a lunch and drinks. On Friday nights I like to work the beach crowd and treat myself from the taco truck. A shrimp or steak taco made from scratch is actually pretty healthy and a good pick me up.
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