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Driving Cab's , the flip side


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Since I came to vegas I came to hate the cab powers that B , they operate like you would expect a cab company to operate in bizzaro world , this new company ive been with the last few weeks has redeemed the situation for me , dispatch to closest cab , going owner operator soon , leased cab's 24/7 ect.. its really nice working with a dispatch that's actually got a clue and a company that has a clue .

I cant imagine what U/L drivers think not ever knowing the fun side of driving a cab with live dispatch , instead of being all alone with only an app to talk to .. and all the other drivers hearing you on the radio and knowing your macking or can shout out for help or what ever . all I ever see is the negative on here about cabbies from a pax point of view , and even U/L drivers (X cab pax's ) see the BS that's out there , but you guys have no clue of the flip side to driving cab's , the positive side and contrary to popular belief on this forum it is mostly positive , I have fun all day long and laugh my way to the bank .

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