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Driving before Sept. 29, 2016


The Montreal Taxi Bureau just told me in an email that any driver could:

1- get a 3700$ fine
2- get his car seized for 7 days
3- loose his driver's permit for 7 days

Anything the office can do about this ?


Here is the copy of email:

Après étude de l'entente de principe signée entre le gouvernement et l'entreprise Uber la semaine dernière et selon notre compréhension de la nouvelle Loi en vigueur, l'entreprise Uber est actuellement en dehors du cadre légal.

Nous appliquons ainsi la réglementation et nous continuerons de le faire avec discernement.

On peut confirmer que le Bureau du taxi a saisi 3 voitures Uber à Montréal depuis jeudi dernier.

Selon la Loi, voici à quoi les chauffeurs de transport illégal s'exposent:

Constat de 3750$

Saisi du véhicule pour 7 jours

Suspension du permis pour 7 jours

La direction.


Judge rejected the injonction. But Uber is still ILLEGAL before September 29.

I will post the rewuirements for 'after' Sept.29


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The actions of the Bureau du Taxi show the complete and utter corrupt nature of this City, and the actions of the city's worst mayor in 50 years. It is time to turf out Denis Coderre in 2017. This may be a legal loophole, but certainly was not the INTENT of the Minister of Transport, it is being exploited by the corrupt overpaid political hacks at City Hall, taking one last shot in their downward spiral. Now, according to the Highway Code, nobody is obliged to stop for a car with orange and yellow lights, only blue and red...only a police officer and not these roadside bylaw enforcement thugs have the power to impound a car...and they drive around in completely unmarked cars that show NO identification (even unmarked SPVM traffic cars have camouflaged markings). Denis Coderre has made this city a complete and utter laughingstock...he's against Canada Post, pit bulls, Uber, Cars2Go/CommunAuto, the unions, etc., etc. and wastes money on gazebos, can't get snow removed promptly, dumps sewage into the river. He is a Chris Christie wannabe without the credentials. Nothing like booting out tourists at the side of the road and having American talk radio say that Montreal is a third world city with a corrupt administration, with visitors phoning in to Howard Stern et al and saying that they will never return. Coderre even turned down the chance to appear on a national US travel radio show and reach something like a million listeners. Guess he was at a taxi company collecting a box of Sir Robert Borden portraits. A Paul Martin-era cabinet minister...from the sponsorship scandal days...And these rogue civil servants thinking that they'll take advantage of some loophole to have a joke at the Transport Minister's expense, they should be summarily fired and lose their pensions. Period. It's complete and utter insubordination. And do NOT, repeat do NOT, stop for any unmarked car with orange and yellow flashers...continue and call 911....the SPVM views this as a civil matter and basically think that these bylaw thugs are wannabe cops who failed at Nicolet and have about zero respect for them, particularly when they run stunts like this.


Looks like still illegal in Montreal after Sept. 29. Government has to post in the Official Gazette and wait 15 days ??


Pilot project will start on Oct. 15 but But Uber is still illegal until he gets the Intermediate License and drivers could be fined