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Driving and seeing other uber drivers


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Random fun question:

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you see another uber driver driving next to you / in front of you when you're in between trips?

Do you drive in the other direction?
Do you silently wish their car would explode?
Do you save your newborns dirty diapers and send them flying to their windscreen?


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I know I've asked this before but wtf is it with the tissue boxes?

I'd understand if there was one with a housebrick in it behind the head of each rear seat passenger... *slams brake*


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The tissue boxes are a tell-tale sign of the student visa driver

I look at them and say blooody immigrants, and drive in front of them and smile 😂
Thanks for your honesty 😂


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My tissue box has been sitting there for six months never used, well maybe besides myself until the point last week someone vomited and the whole box was gone. I never bring chewing gum water or any other accessories just for passenger it’s just not an essential.