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Driving a No-Show ?

Discussion in 'Advice' started by IERide, May 15, 2018.

  1. This was mentioned in another thread, so i’ll ask:
    Have you ever had a pax not show up, but instead of cancelling, just start the trip, drive to the destination, and hit ‘drop off’ ?
    I wonder: Would the pax cancel? Would it get reported, or would they not notice (i know, depends on the pax).. How many of those warnings ya think before Uber deactivates you?

    Anyone actually this ballsy ?
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  2. uberdriverfornow


    This is how you get deactivated.
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  3. Obviously.. but, i’m curious how many warnings you get..
    There was a driver here that posted the other day he was quitting and didnt care anymore and was taking “requests” ...Should have had him try it..
    I’m also guessing a few here have done it, or heard stories of those who have..
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  4. 1.5xorbust


    San Diego
    I’ve never done it but I’m envious of those who have and gotten away with it. I’m guessing your second one that is reported would cause deactivation.
  5. SuzeCB


    Whenever I've ridden rideshare, I was toes-on-the-curb. That being said, if I ever wasn't, and I saw the driver had started the trip and was going to my destination, I would cancel saying that s/he must have taken the wrong person. No fee for me, no $ for him/her. I might even wait until s/he was almost to the destination.

    Uber tracks both phones. Driver would be deactivated, or at least flagged for fraud.
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  6. uberdriverfornow


    You really think you're going to profit from doing this ? The reason you're so curious is because you want to do it. The fact that you continued even after saying "obviously" says a lot.
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  7. It’s sad when someone is so diluted they actually think they can read someone’s mind and/or motives of a person they know absolutely zero about, based on a few sentences.
    Maybe “diluted” is the wrong word.. What’s the right word to use here?
    Anyone? Help me out here guys.
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  8. I haven't done exactly that.

    But I've done something a bit similar.

    A few times I have continued a ride after drop off.
    Every time I did this i made sure of a few things:

    Pax has a lot of money
    Pax is about to have sex so won't be looking at phone anytime soon
    Pax took this nice surge ride anyway so yeah, they got money.
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  9. Jufkii


    cedar rapids
    Did it twice . Sort of. Started the trip on my phone assuming the person approaching my car was the pax. Wasn't them and they never showed. App wouldn't let me end the trip until I drove a minimum required distance first . Did so and got paid the minimum fare. both times. Would of done better collecting the $4 cancel fee each time though cancellation % didn't take a hit either.
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  10. tmpnick16


    Tampa, fl
    Done this as well. Apparently the riders had entered in the wrong address. (Found this out about 2/3 the way through the ride when the man was giving me directions that didn't match the GPS navi)
    So I continued the ride after I had dropped them off. Figure they already approved the upfront amount when they ordered the ride, and I also wanted to be paid given this was a long ride to the next city over. They wouldn't have paid any less if I dropped them off early, I was only putting the money in my pocket instead of Uber's.
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  11. kc ub'ing!

    kc ub'ing!

    Reno, NV
    This only shafts the rider. I think the adversarial relationship between driver and rider is misdirected anger at Uber and Lyft.

    I’ve had a few, ‘paxholes’ but not enough to poison my view of all riders. As a driver, I bare no ill will to my riders. The overwhelming majority of my rider experiences have been super positive.

    I’ve seen posts and heard from driver pals, words to the effect, “screw Uber/Lyft, I’ll just go off line.” Uh you’re only punishing yourself.
    Now find a way to shaft Uber/Lyft without costing me money and I am in!
  12. Terri Lee

    Terri Lee

    Where you trying for "deluded"?
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  13. Yes, see, i knew i had it wrong.
  14. Same. Started the trip once when I shouldn't have. Couldn't end the ride without driving so I drove just enough then ended the ride.
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  15. Another issue is that when the ride is "over" the pax gets the chance to rate you before they claim fraud.
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  16. kc ub'ing!

    kc ub'ing!

    Reno, NV
    Best for intended context IMO, arrogant. Like me! Telling folks which words to use.
  17. Doesn’t matter now.. A Moderator edited out all the nastiness from my post so now the fun is all gone.
  18. jj0115


    Almost did this on Lyft for a scheduled pick up. Drove 20 minutes to get there and knew it was $120+ fare. Lyft does arranged rides for the health facilities around here. Go into the place - say he hasn't shown up or taken his meds yet. These fares would be no pax gps because they don't have the app anyway...but reluctantly took my $5 and left.
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  19. Seahawk3


    I have done this to the scammers who try to steal your info lol. I got one of them for almost 100 bucks. I very much doubt they would have reported me because there uber name was uberoffice. So free money
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  20. Fuzzyelvis


    I accidentally started a trip once while trying to call the pax to find them. Luckily they found me just as I did it.

    Anyway, I'd at least call the driver before trying to get them fired. Mistakes happen.

    Scheduled trip cancels pay $10.
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