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Drivers, you're not a U-Haul

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Pax Collector, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. mark_mark


    no good deed goes unpunished
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  2. I love conversations with older people about life before our time. I think people just have rose colored glasses. Most baby boomers think generation x was a **** show. Most x’ers think millennials are garbage. For example I hear about crime in this generation being worst but then point out gen x crack era and the documented reduction in crime in all years after it, Idk human nature I suppose.
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  3. Not at the expense of being taken advantage of.
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  4. Phoenix123


    Long Beach
    Order an XL he says:eek: this is where the passengers get it from
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  5. New2This


    DC Area
    You're kidding but you're probably right.

    My favorite was May of the Platinum Metals Program, took a Pool. Immediately after the phone rings...

    Me: Hello

    Cheap fornicator: What kind of car do you have?

    Me: Camry/Accord/Altima C.F.: Do you have a sunroof?

    Me: No. Why?

    C.F.: I'm moving and have a ladder

    Me: No.

    Waited 2 minutes and Shuffled his ass

    Again he was moving a ladder on Pool
  6. LAWeasel


    Los Angeles
    Jeez. I think we need to take a different approach to the blatant abusers (like the paxhole you described and the guy who thought he was loading a bundle of 2x4s in my Escalade last night).

    Instead of shuffling, I'm going to insist they cancel, citing abuse of the platform. If I get deceived into accepting another home depot ping in an unfamiliar area, I may just wait there, with the pax, and insist he use the truck rental or I'm going to warn the next driver. I'm sick of this crap, and what irks me even more is uber is well aware of it. Instead of correcting pax behavior, they encourage it by hiding store names and deceiving drivers into accepting these rides. F*** them.

    Unfortunately there is a HD close to one of my honey holes and I end up getting pinged for it quite frequently. Have to zoom the damn map out now every time to make sure I don't accept.
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  7. Yam Digger

    Yam Digger

    Ecclesiastes 7:10
    “Do not say, “Why were the former days better than these?” for it is not out of wisdom that you ask this.”
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  8. LAWeasel


    Los Angeles
    Meet my current pax, "Sammy, party of 4"
    25 mile trip and no work on my end, so yeah, I'll do it. Slow AF anyway. 20190111_090515.jpg
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  9. UberTrent9


    L. A.
    Had an "item leaver" a few days ago, opens door, says "Hi, I'll be right back" tried leaving her bag on the seat, I said "sorry, no can do".

    She shut the door anyways, I got out, put the bag on the curb, got back in my car and canceled.

    I would if said TV gets damaged or damages my vehicle....
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  10. TomTheAnt


    At least they won't complain.
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  11. UberTrent9


    L. A.
    Things that didn't happen for $500 Alex

    Just avoid all together by not taking rides like this?
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  12. At least you know they won't ask for an aux cord :D
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  13. True . There is nothing wrong for being compensated for it while you are working either . In many of these cases people are not looking for help , they are looking to save money and abusing a system not meant for what they are asking people to do .

    Because they want you take these and every other rides .
  14. Diamondraider


    Had the same situation at a local auto parts store. The manager said Uber was much cheaper than sending an employee.

    I took a photo of the man and the brake pads for security purposes and went on my way.
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  15. I don't have a problem with such trips either. Heck, I would do it all day given it's a fair amount of distance and there's a tip in the end.
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  16. I drive in a college town. At the end of the year students move their stuff from dorms to storage. I don't mind it so much. One time a pax had to take her stuff about 3 miles down to a storage unit. She forgot which gate to go through. The driving around resulted in a 30.00 tab. Thats not counting I had to take her to another stop.

    I'd rather haul a package like that than to have a *****y or pukey pax in my car. Brake pads and starters don't draw boobs and penises on your foggy windows either.
  17. Lmao :D
  18. Ishurue


    shoulda told em change destination to the pick up spot, start ride then end it and have them tip you on app 120 or whatever amount you wanted etc
  19. We all know the classic "I'll tip you in the app" doesn't usually pan out. Cash on hand is the way to go in these situations.
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  20. Agent037


    Hello everyone, I don't know if someone already said this, but I don't do supermarket pick ups, they stuff your car to the brim to drive half of a block for $5.39 .. no thanks. Only did it once, never again.
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