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Drivers, you're not a U-Haul

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Pax Collector, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. We can all make certain exceptions for generous tips.

    This is the first time I'm hearing of this lol
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  2. Gee, what an entitled snowflake mentality. Let's see how clever we can be in finding reasons to refuse business. Let's all assume we're Caesar, and its our business to make decisions for others.

    The entrepreneur would see an opportunity to make money. Extra work = extra money. Everyone leaves with a smile - much preferred to the frown born from an argument.
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  3. Lissetti

    Lissetti Moderator Author

    Mulberry Street
  4. Nice try from Corporate employee paid to make up **** !
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  5. Yam Digger

    Yam Digger

    No and no.
    A generous tip will always help to make me reconsider.

    Last New Year’s Eve, I got a ping from someone who actually just wanted me to help them jump start his BMW. I said sure I can do that…for $50; And you pay me first.
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  6. Go and read all my posts. What reason would I have to make this up. I think we’d all make exceptions to moving stuff if the pay is good
  7. I'll be damned if I'm putting a used mattress in my car. Wonder where they went when Goodwill rejected the matress..
  8. For a 20 mile ride I doubt any UberSUV or Lyft Black XL would easily cancel, especially if a tip was offered. Those types of rides are hard to come by. Pretty sure they would’ve happily done it with even a smaller tip. I would even do it on regular XL with a hundred tip
  9. FLKeys


    FL Keys
    To the nearest ally and dump it so it becomes someone else problem. I see a whole lot of mattresses dumped in all kinds of places.
  10. TomTheAnt


    As long as the pax is responsible loading, securing the load and unloading and the rates are better than X, I'd consider using my truck for that. LOL! :D
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  11. You’re assuming all those pax would value our time and compensate us appropriately. If you get a pax with cargo who is to cheap to upgrade to even regular XL to carry his crap, then he’s probably too cheap to tip. You can order SUV and have it still be cheaper and more convenient than a Uhaul truck
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  12. Ziggy


    He only ordered XL ... I talked him into upgrading to LUXSUV ... as I wasn't going to haul his TV for XL rates.

    I never take pax with kids that require car seats unless their kid rides in a car seat - no exceptions (against TX law, against TOS). However, if the pax doesn't want to take his car seat to the airport, for a nice tip and/or full return fare (I'll take his car seat back to his house and leave it in his garage or with a neighbor). *so far, I've provided this service several times for pax ... it saved the pax from missing their flight and I got another paid trip & tip.
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  13. I feel your pain. Mine happened on boxing day last year. The lady gave me the gate code and direction to her apartment. Awaiting for me was only 2 large pieces of luggage and a storage box. One minute before the cancel button showed up, I saw her.

    I rolled down the window and before I had the chance of saying anything she said "Please don't cancel. I have already paid 3 cancellation fees". The only reason why I did not drive away immediately is because of her physical disability. However...

    There were abundant traces of muds on her walker and sandals. I never want any of them to ruin my car cabin or trunk. This is when she was irritated. My car is a Lexus LS, not to brag, but why would she expect to be picked up by a luxurious full-size sedan and fit in all her "personal belongings" with only X fare? Receiving the paltry $3.75 is definitely not worth all her condemns and hassles of loading and unloading. Not to mention the sores of my arms that did not subside until a few days later!:mad:

    I like your profile picture! This is exactly how I feel with the miracle $1 tip when only 1 out of 10 passengers tip these days (the actual ratio could have been 1/20, 1/30.... just don't want to be too pessimistic on the road).
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  14. mark_mark


    I had a ping, pull up to a guy with a set of keys... “ Can you bring to my wife at home” YEP! gave that key front door knock service too! and the set of keys tiped me with a HOTT wife in a skimmpy night THINGGY! Wish that ended in a porn fantasy
  15. Of course not. You have to CYA and avoid the liability.
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  16. welikecamping


    Phoenix, az
    My car is a passenger vehicle (sedan). I will haul luggage if it will fit in the trunk with the lid closed. Nothing else. You want to haul cargo, then get a cargo hauler. Once a ping texted me and told me he needed to fit his bicycle in my car. I was new at the time, but smart enough to say no.
  17. I wonder who that sucker is that had to pick him up :eek:
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  18. Lissetti

    Lissetti Moderator Author

    Mulberry Street
    It's unfortunate about her being disabled. The pax who gave notice and have to move fast, the people who need to finish their college dorms with IKEA furniture, and getting a Christmas tree home.

    The fact is, these people who don't have cars have been finding alternate methods of getting stuff moved long before Uber existed. We've all had to move before. I'm sure all of us have memories of strapping our belongings to our own vehicle or calling/begging a friend with a pick up truck to help. We didn't have the entitled thinking of today's pax who think nothing of risking damage to a independent contractors private vehicle.

    It is not our responsibility as drivers to risk damage to our cars, risk traffic violations, risk the safety of other motorists on the road, and even possibly risk the pax themselves getting injured while loading/ unloading heavy cargo from our vehicles.

    This happened in Seattle.


    He wasn't an Ant, but these are the risks the drivers take when performing these duties, because most likely securing the load will be done hastily and with whatever rope/ twine is on hand, so the driver can hurry up and get done with this pax and get onto the next request.
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  19. crowuber


    I know! lol, "Extra opportunity" You mean hauling a huge tv, possibly scratching your car for 3.00$ or less sometimes!!! I'll leave him with that opportunity, he can have it all day
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  20. I mean, it's still an opportunity for me, when I shuffle them and get my $3.75.
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